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Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping with Fresh Flowers

Christmas is a thoroughly commercial affair these days. It’s sad, but true. Trying to make a Christmas gift special for someone in a world of consumerism and fast fashion can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, it is still possible to make a gift memorable with personalised presents and DIY Christmas gift wrapping.

In this post, I’m going to show you how you can wow your loved ones this Christmas with easy DIY gift wrapping using fresh flowers and plants. Instead of tearing through the wrapping paper on the 25th December, they’ll be carefully unwrapping their gifts, which will only build up the anticipation for what’s inside! 

Disclosure: This blog post was created in collaboration with All photos, opinions and Christmas excitement are my own!

We will be making creative Christmas gift wrapping like this:

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial with Fresh Flowers

It might look complex but don’t be alarmed! This DIY gift wrapping looks luxurious but it couldn’t be simpler to make. Keep reading to find out how to wrap a gift in a creative way!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial

What you will need

Wrapping paper 

It’s worth brainstorming before you head out shopping what sort of Christmas gift wrapping look you are going for.

Do you want minimalist presents with brown paper, string and a single flower? Or do you want something more eye-catching with lots of different colours and textures? 

Both are great options but know what you’re looking for before you head out shopping to save time! 

My two favourites (pictured above) include brown wrapping paper with some Christmas details, such as snowflakes, and simple white wrapping paper with silver stars. This way you can have fun with Christmas wrapping paper but also give room for your flowers to stand out.

Washi Tape

Of course you could just use cellotape when wrapping your presents but patterned washi tape is widely available now and much more exciting. Find some glittery gold washi tape to tape your Christmas presents up with for some extra sparkle.  

Buy gold washi tape online here.

String or ribbon

It’s Christmas time so red and white are great colours to go for when choosing string or ribbon. I’ve already mentioned my favourite types of Christmas wrapping paper above and both look wonderful with a lovely thick red ribbon tied around them.

Buy red ribbon online here.

Gift tags

Adding a nice tag to your present is a great way to mask the stems of the flowers. And glittery gold tags go with everything, trust me. If that’s too much sparkle for you then a plain brown tag that matches the paper will do nicely too. 

Buy gold star gift tags online here.
Buy brown tags and string online here.

Flowers and Plants

Obviously you’re going to need a selection of flowers and plants to complete this Christmas gift wrapping tutorial. The best place to source these is your local florist. You can then have a bunch made from an assortment of flowers and you can ask for tips on which flowers would work well together. 

Keep on reading for more tips on the best flowers and plants to use for this Christmas gift wrapping tutorial. 


Obviously you’re going to need some presents to wrap. Bear in mind that this tutorial will work best with box shaped presents – it would be rather difficult to do this if you were wrapping a mug, for instance!

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How to gift wrap with flowers

First wrap your presents using wrapping paper and tape. Then choose from one of the below options. The first is a little more complex and the second is very simple. 

Fancy Gift Wrapping with Flowers

Take your chosen ribbon and find the middle point by folding it in half.

Lay the ribbon down flat, keeping your finger on the centre point. Place the present on the centre of the ribbon, facing down.

Bring the ribbon up and round the present.

Cross the ribbon horizontally, then twist it in the centre so the ribbon now lies vertically.

Flip the present over, bring the two ends of the ribbon to the centre and tie a knot underneath the ribbon already lying horizontally.

Now take your chosen flower or flowers and place them over the centre of the ribbon.

You can place the flower straight or diagonally, as you wish. 

Take the two ribbon ends and tie and knot or a bow with the stem of the flower inside.

If needed, neaten up the ends of the ribbon by cutting the ends diagonally to make sure they are both an even length. 

Add a gift tag to the present by tying the tag string around the twisted centre of the ribbon. 


Super Easy Gift Wrapping with Flowers

Take your string and simply wrap it around your present. Two to four times should do the trick! 

Tie the two ends together in the middle at the back. 

Take your chosen flower or plant and slide it under the string so it’s secure. 

If you need to, take a piece of washi tape and stick the flower down underneath the string.

Attach a gift tag to the present by tying it round the base of the flower. 


Which flowers and plants to use

As we are wrapping Christmas presents, red, white and green make for great colours to use. Try to go for a mix of small and large red and white flowers as well as some nice leafy plants so you’ve got plenty of variety. Also think about what flowers are in season in December wherever you are. 

Here are my suggestions: 

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial with Fresh Flowers

Red roses

Red is the colour of all things Christmas and you can’t go wrong with a classic red rose. These are really easy to get hold of at Christmas time as they are a very common element of Christmas bouquets. A single red rose can look stunning or you can add other smaller flowers and leaves. See below.

Red lilies

My florist only stocks red lilies when Christmas is coming, and these are great to decorate large presents with. Red lilies really stand out as they are rarely seen so if the red rose is a little too standard for you, opt for a red lily instead. 

You do have to be more careful with lilies however as the petals are quite delicate and they often leave pollen behind!

Calla lilies

A gorgeous white flower to choose is the calla lily. These are white or cream on the outside and coloured on the inside and will suit most kinds of Christmas wrapping paper. These are really luxurious and can really upscale your Christmas gift wrapping.

Baby’s breath

Baby’s breath is a very common plant to use in flower arrangements and it should be very easy to get hold of at all times of year. The great thing about baby’s breath is that it looks beautiful when it’s fresh or when it’s dried, so this could be a good option if you’re wrapping presents that you won’t be gifting for a short while. 

Baby’s breath is wonderful to use on its own if you want your Christmas gift wrapping to be quite minimalist. However, it also works quite well alongside the red flowers mentioned above. Pull a few sprigs of baby’s breath from the stem and arrange them either side of your rose for a very festive look.

White waxflower

Waxflower is very similar to baby’s breath but the stem is a lot thicker. As such these can be more secure than baby’s breath and work quite well on their own or with other flowers. These look great as buds or as flowers, so again, they can be a good option if you’re not looking to gift straight away. 

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorial with Fresh Flowers


If you could only name one Christmas plant, surely it would be holly. Although it’s a little prickly, if you can find a sprig of holly that lies flat, this can make your gift wrapping look really festive. If there are some red berries attached too then all the better!

Pine needles

Pine needles are another obvious choice when choosing a plant for Christmas gift wrapping as they’re being sold everywhere this season. I’d advise asking the florist for a small sprig instead of taking a pair of scissors to your own tree though!

Common Ivy

The common ivy is a plant you may well have in your home already as it’s a popular potted plant. If you can find a nice cut of this with some berries on it then this is the perfect addition to a small to medium sized Christmas present.

Extra tips for gift wrapping with fresh flowers

Choose flowers and plants that aren’t likely to wilt quickly. If you’re not going to be giving these Christmas presents out straight away, then consider buying flowers that are a little closed so that they are then ready and open by the time you hand your presents over.

Leave four to six inches of stem on the flower or plant so it doesn’t slip out. You can always trim this down later depending on the size of your present.

This blog post was created in collaboration with All photos, opinions and Christmas excitement are my own!

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Monday 14th of January 2019

Oh my goodness, these are absolutely stunning!! I'm going to do this for birthday presents seeing as Christmas has just gone.


Friday 21st of December 2018

What a beautiful way to wrap presents! I wish I'd seen this before I did mine. I love the look of the leafy stems and baby breath, will definitely try it next Christmas.


Friday 21st of December 2018

They look so good. You wrapped presents so neatly. And I loved the idea of using fresh flowers and leaves. It gives very nice finishing touch.


Thursday 20th of December 2018

These are gorgeous ideas! I was just saying today how I wish I was more creative when it came to wrapping! I am feeling very inspired now! Thank you!


Thursday 20th of December 2018

This is such a special touch! And so beautiful! Definitely trying that next year!