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90210 Season 4 Is Here With More Drama Than Ever

90210 Season 4 Is Here With More Drama Than Ever

Series 3 of 9021 ended with lots of relationships and friendships falling apart. Liam decided to go off on a boat for the summer, leaving poor little Annie behind, Naomi told Max that she’s pregnant and from his stunned expression he must’ve been less than pleased, Silver found out that Adrianna had switched her medication which was why she returned to her crazy bi-polar antics so that was the end of her friendship with.. well everyone. On the plus side, Ivy and Raj got married, though whether or not their reasoning for this rushed marriage was sensible or not is another issue.

Series 4 has returned to the CW and has answered most of the questions that were left hanging off the tips of our tongues and we find out what happened to Naomi’s pregnancy and her relationship with Max. It’s not long though before Naomi’s met some other hunky dude and the sexual tension between the two really is quite unbearable. Liam returns with a bang and a surpirse for Annie, but sadly she is less than pleased and so Liam ends up extremely drunk and spends his entire savings on buying a beach bar. However, Annie’s got other problems to think about with Marla’s family contesting her will and no other source of money.

Dixon is still single and ready to mingle though his main goal is to break into the music industry but in order to keep his concentration levels up he may use desperate measures. Silver and Navid are the only couple who seem to have a fairly good relationship going on, but will it last given that Navid has started harbouring all these secrets from her? The Shirazi name has been tainted by the porn industry once before, but Navid’s uncle is still up to his illegal antics and has dragged Navid in too. Adrianna’s return was a lot less dramatic than I had hoped with people giving her the cold shoulder, but then vaguely forgiving her.

With the 90210 lot of to college there are many new characters this season and hopefully things will get more exciting with the change of scene. Everyone seems to have gotten a lot hotter over the summer so I’m expecting this season to bring many new relationships. Naomi seems to have returned to her old ways, seeing college as high school, but with bigger stakes.

Expect lots of scheming and plotting from her but has Max shattered her heart leaving it unfixable? (Also she seems to spend an awful lot of time with her clothes off) Liam’s life seems to go from low to high to low to high faster than a bouncing ball on speed so we’ll have to see where he ends up. Ivy and Raj seem to have faded into the background a bit, but they should come into greater prominence later on as we find out whether or not Raj has beaten cancer. Dixon has pretty much always been on the straight and narrow, but perhaps that’ll change this season.

So far, I’m enjoying the new series of 90210. It’s sexy, it’s fresh and it’s got unexpected twists and if the plot continues to move along at a fast pace and doesn’t regurgitate old story lines then I think it’s all set up for a great new season.

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