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Gossip Girl Season 5 Returns To Screens


Gossip Girl Season 5 Returns To Screens

Not so long ago, Gossip Girl season 5 returned to our screens with more about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. The last episode of season 4 (see review here) was very exciting with lots of characters from the past and present coming together for a dramatic finale. Georgina came back for a visit and was looking for trouble and excitement to break from the norm of her new life where she is married to a business intern and is charged with the care of her child. Georgina uncovers Charlie’s secret, something that audience’s have been wondering for the entire series, and so the pair joined forces. It is revealed that Charlie is actually a twenty-four year old professional con artist called ‘Ivy’, who was hired by Carol Rhodes (Serena’s Aunt) to impersonate Charlie, her own daughter, in order to gain access to her daughter’s large trust fund. As Charlie was forced to grow up away from the Upper East Side, none of the Van de Woodsen’s know what she looks like making this task fairly easy.

However, the fun’s over for ‘Charlie’ as she’s secured the money for Carol and is forced to return to her old life under the pretence that she is mentally unstable. The thing that most viewers were keen to see was how Blair and Chuck’s relationship would end up. They were an unlikely pair from the start but they soon rose to be Gossip Girl’s favourite couple though we’ve never been certain as to whether or not it could last. Just as we thought all was well for the young couple, Chuck did something very unexpected and instead of announcing to Louis that he and Blair were now together, he gave them his blessing. This caused devastation for fans everywhere who had been rooting for Blair and Chuck from the beginning.

As for Serena, well, her life seems to be getting back on track as she is last seen being offered a job in Los Angeles. Vanessa was seen selling Dan’s book to a publisher, but will she keep the money or send it to Dan? Nate and Chuck went off travelling together whilst Blair spent the summer in Monaco with her Prince Louis. The final shot was a great cliffhanger as Dorota was seen clearing the rubbish bin in Serena and Blair’s joint bathroom in which there was a pregnancy test that read positive, but which of the girl’s is pregnant?

Gossip Girl’s ratings have gone down this season and despite the dramatic finale to season 4 I can’t say that I’m surprised. Having reached it’s fifth season people may be beginning to get bored of the drama which to be honest, doesn’t seem to change an awful lot. There’s always some sort of scandalous plot going on but the producers are really going to have to up their game and bring lots of new and unique material to maintain their viewers. From what I’ve heard, a lot of people preferred Gossip Girl when the characters were still in education and given that this show is targeted at the teenage demographic that’s understandable. At the moment, the character’s are starting their lives as adults and finding jobs which many teenagers find unappealing. With the focus now being on the character’s careers and family lives and less on their relationships and frivolous activities of their youth it’s started to become a younger version of Desperate Housewives. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Gossip Girl, but as I’ve mentioned in some of my previous reviews, it is no longer one of my favourite shows and has been upstaged by newer and fresher television programmes. The plot lines are often regurgitated but slightly edited and there’s not a lot of fresh and interesting new content in the show, but perhaps something more exciting will happen later on in the series, it’s still early days.

The focus right now is very much on Blair’s impending marriage to Louis, the Prince of Monaco, and the careers of Nate and Serena. Chuck is going through a hard time as usual so nothing’s really changed there. Unsurprisingly Chuck and Blair still seem to have unfinished business, will it ever end?! Seriously, this story line has been dragging on for far too long now. Charlie has reappeared on the Upper East side but this isn’t particularly exciting for viewers as we already know her secret. Dan’s book has just been published and he’s been acknowledged as the author pushing away most of his friends and family who have been portrayed in an unfavourable light. Personally, if you’re not a massive Gossip Girl fan then I don’t really see the need for you to keep watching. If you’re a new viewer then I definitely recommend you watch the earlier seasons as they were much more interesting.

What do you guys think? Has Gossip Girl reached the end of it’s run or will you continue watching?

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