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Made In Chelsea Series 1 Recap And Series 2 Debut


So, the followers of my blog will probably know that not so long ago, I spent eight hours straight watching series 1 of Made in Chelsea. I only started this series because my best friend insisted that I watch this ‘amazing’ programme. I wasn’t expecting much. I thought this was going to be like real life Gossip Girl in London, but I found that this programme was actually highly entertaining and funny to watch. Since then, Made in Chelsea and other reality TV shows have become my guilty pleasure. Yes, you can tell that some bits are scripted because of the long pauses in dialogue but who cares? Everyone’s got something going on i their life that they just want to forget about, so why not take a break and step into theirs? They lead wildly glamorous lives full of polo matches, night clubs and excessive spending along with love triangles, heart-break and naughty thoughts about people who aren’t your girlfriend *cough* Spencer *cough*. If you haven’t watches series 1, don’t worry, you’ll be able to pick up straight away from series 2, and if you’re thinking about watching any sort of reality TV, I think Made in Chelsea is your best pick.

In case you’ve forgotten what happened at the end of the last series, here’s a quick catchup. Caggie left on a plane for New York, leaving Spencer standing at the airport; Millie and Hugo’s relationship is blossoming whilst Rosie is in the corner fuming; has Agnes really forgiven Francis and what happened on their date? Ollie’s realised that he is in fact bisexual, but then who was the new girl dangling on his arm at the Made in Chelsea after party?! There are SO many more questions that need to be answered, and there’s not long to go! (six minutes in fact). For more details about the last season check out this post: Made in Chelsea – Series 1. 

You can find some of the gossip from the new series on E4’s website, along with this picture of five characters we’ve never seen before. Meet Ollie, Jamie, Victoria, Chloe and Louise, the newest members of Made in Chelsea. We shall have to wait and see how these characters slot into the picture and what sort of people these are – but to be honest, I’ve already got a pretty good idea.
Update (WARNING: Spoilers):

Right, so let’s get down to business. Spencer. Is. So. Friggin’. Hot. Now. Oh. Em. Gee. Looks like he’s single and ready to mingle with his newly shaved chest and (fake) tan. But what happened between him and Caggie? We’re still waiting. Spencer’s face immediately tightened when Jamie received a call from her and there was talk of something going on between Jamie and Caggie which he definitely did not look pleased about. Has the summer apart not been enough to heal his broken heart? (oh, a rhyme!). We see Spencer start up a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship with Millie’s friend (her name eludes me at this moment in time), just seconds after she was telling Francis she wanted to see him naked in a cage! Oh these naughty Chelsea folk.I was quite disappointed that we weren’t introduced to all the new characters in today’s episode. We only met Chloe – Ollie’s new girlfriend, Victoria – lingerie designer with her sights set on Hugo and Jamie – life of the party, already been called in for a meeting with his bank manager. So far, the new cast members are slotting in quite well and provide something new and fresh to the new series.

Ollie’s new relationship is causing tension between a lot of the characters as friendships and relationships are compromised. Ollie seems really happy, Gabriella.. does not. In fact she’s become rather annoying. Sorry, more annoying would be a better way to describe her. Her intentions are so obvious and it’s clear for everyone to see that she is not Ollie and really she’s just shaming herself. Someone really needs to knock some sense into that girl. Chloe – the new girlfriend – seems to be a completely different person to Gabriella. She ate a maggot for Christ’s sake! This girl’s got guts, and I like that. Whether or not they’ll  stay together is another issue. Wonder what Gabs has got hidden up her sleeves?

Things don’t seem to be going well for Hugo and Millie. At the beginning of the episode she gives a house-warming gift to Hugo as he is moving apartment, but he seems less than pleased as it is a cheesy photo of Millie and himself kissing with a very cute poem on the back – which he reads out loud, much to the pleasure of Spencer and Jamie. Throughout the episode there seems to be tension between Millie and Hugo and there is much suggestion that Hugo is going to cheat on Millie in the not-so-distant future, and I’d bet that it’s with newbie Victoria. Hugo is going to be working with her on choosing the lingerie models for her new range (what hard work that’s going to be), but there’s already some flirtatious behaviour going down between the two of them. This makes me really sad as Hugo was my favourite character in the series. I thought it was quite sweet how Millie seemed to change his bad-boy ways, but with Spencer and Jamie both flying high in the Kingdom of Singledon, will he slip back into party-mode? We shall have to wait and see.

You’re probably dying to know what’s happened to Caggie, but the producers have sneakily planned the episode so that Caggie doesn’t appear until the very last 5 minutes, and even then, it’s just Caggie on the other side of a phone in a mysterious hotel room. We’ll have to wait til next time…

Funny moments so far:
‘a bank manager… an accountant… a Dad’ < That says it all really. Made in Chelsea in one sentence there.
*touching a real snake* ‘doesn’t it feel like my Gucci?’ ‘No, it feels more like my Prada!’
and Francis’ newest venture is to create a charity (in his own name, of course), that essentially helps muggers to speak with grammatically correct English.

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  1. Señorita
    29th September 2011 / 3:16 PM

    I have to admit, reality shows are not my thing… But, after reading your post, I might consider watching an episode of this show; your so convincing 😉

  2. laurahartleyy
    8th October 2011 / 3:10 PM

    Thank you! It makes me so happy that I might actually be able to change people's opinions with my writing!

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