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Suburgatory Season 1 Debut

After watching a mere thirty seconds of this show I just knew that it was something I’d like to watch. I’ve just finished the first twenty minute episode and I’m already hooked! This is a fantastic and original new comedy currently airing on ABC. This isn’t a funny ha-ha programme, instead it is a witty series where you laugh and smile at the protagonist’s unique point of view. In addition they’re the first television show that’s been able to successfully create words by combining two words together with ‘Suburgatory’ and ‘Vagatarian’.

Suburgatory is the story of Tessa Altman, a mother-less child, who has been forced to move from Manhattan, New York, to the suburbs after her father finds a packet of condoms in her draw. He hopes to protect his daughter’s innocence, by moving away from the Big Apple but has he just made it worse? The suburbs aren’t as peaceful or tranquil as they seem.
All the actors are really talented and give great, believable performances. Jane Levy, who plays the lead role of Tessa Altman, is one to watch! She’s a talented young actress and reminds me a lot of Emma Stone, not just in looks with their fiery red hair, but also in the roles that they play and the way that they act. She’s naturally beautiful and this is highlighted when you compare Tessa to all the other plastic girls in the suburbs.
Tessa’s father, George Altman, is played by Jeremy Systo who has a long list of television programmes and movies under his belt already. He is perfect for the character of the caring and protective, though clueless at times, father. He shares a similar sense of humour to his daughter and so they make the perfect comic duo. Cheryl Hines plays Dallas Royce, a typical suburban mum with skirts too short, hair that’s too blonde and boobs that are too perky, and boy does she play it well. The suburban mother is the perfect role for Hines and it’s one that she’s played often in the past. Tessa often mocks the Royce family but I think deep down she can see that there’s actually a little bit of soul hidden behind all that plastic.
Other less important, but equally good, actors include Carly Chaikin as Dalia Royce, the reincarnation of Regina George, Allie Grant as Lisa Shay, probably Tessa’s only friend, Alan Tudyk, as Noah Werner, George’s best friend, and Rex Lee as Mr Wolf, Tessa’s guidance counsellor. All these characters are incredibly good at their roles and place them all so realistically even though some of their actions are just so ridiculous.
The mother’s in this show immediately reminded me of the Stepford Wives and the daughter’s of the Plastics (Mean Girls), and I’m not the only one to make these comparisons. It seems that Tessa’s lack of a mother is much used topic for comedy in this show and it’s great to see that Tessa has managed to deal with this and isn’t like  children in other dramas who are emotionally broken. Tessa is strong willed and independent, if she doesn’t like something, she’ll say it, and I really like this about her. I think lots of girls will like and admire her character and boys will too. I think this show is primarily aimed at girls and women but I don’t see why boys shouldn’t enjoy it too as any normal person in Tessa’s situation would think the way she does.
This was an excellent debut for this new show and I sincerely hope that it continues to be as funny and witty as it already is and I look forward to watching the rest of this twenty-two episode series!

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