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TV Review: Revenge Season 2


[WARNING: Possible spoilers for those who have not yet seen Revenge season 1. You can find my review of season 1 here.]
It doesn’t seem like it’s been a very long time since season 1 of Revenge finished, in fact, it’s only been four months, and yet season 2 is already here.
Season 1 of Revenge was absolutely brilliant and it soon became one of my favourite shows with the perfect mix of action, drama and romance. For those of you that haven’t already seen season 1, Revenge follows the story of Emily Thorn as she tries to exact revenge upon those who wrongly framed her father for an act of terrorism when she was a child. In the explosive (literally) season finale, we saw Victoria Grayson board a plane, with all the evidence clearing her secret lover David Clarke, that blew her (and all the evidence) into smithereens as soon as it was in the air. However, I think we all knew that this couldn’t be the end to Victoria and her nasty tricks, we just didn’t know how they’d spin the story following her ‘death’. Emily and Daniel also ended their engagement, a very pregnant Amanda returns to town just as Emily and Jack are getting it on and it is revealed that Emily’s mother is, in fact, alive. (Drama!)

 Season 2 begins a few months after the dramatic season finale of season 1. Just like the first season, we begin with a flash forward involving a diver investigating Jack’s boat ‘Amanda’ which has sunk and a dead body is discovered inside. I didn’t actually realise that this was a flash forward until I researched the episode so it was a bit confusing at first. Then its back to the present and we learn that Emily has been away from the Hamptons and appears to have been intensifying her training with Takeda, Daniel’s found himself a new girlfriend, Charlotte’s been in and out of rehab for ‘drug abuse’, Nolan’s taken up boxing and Jack and Amanda are expecting their baby any day now.
As the time between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2 was very short indeed I felt like there was no break between the seasons and that it’s just one big story carrying on. I like this because it gives the whole series a fluidity which not many other television shows have. The drama is very much the same as in season 1 but at each step along the way we learn something new and intriguing that changes the game Emily is playing. There is one new character, though he hasn’t actually done anything yet so I’m not certain if he’s here to stay, but other than that the cast remains the same. At the beginning of the series I was completely in love with Daniel but not so much now.
I like this series because it isn’t overly dramatic and silly. Well, it is, but because it is fundamentally a serious drama you don’t think its ridiculous. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this new series brings and whether Emily will finally achieve her goal or not. This is one of those series that has me worried because it is a little bit like Pretty Little Liars in the sense that there is an expiration date, or at least, there should be, on the drama because the central theme to the show cannot drag on forever. I hope that this show remains as exciting as it has been so far because it is truly one of the best dramas out there right now.

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  1. Cindy
    12th October 2012 / 11:04 AM

    I really enjoyed the first season of revenge despite only watching bits and pieces of it. Really need to find some time to settle down and watch it properly!

  2. Ronit
    30th October 2012 / 10:35 AM

    It's a nice blog to provide a good information. You shared a really good information. I bookmarked this blog further more useful information. Thanks for sharing this……….

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