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Glee Returns to our Screens for Season 4

Glee Returns to our Screens for Season 4

I’ve been a big fan of Glee ever since its premiere back in 2009 because it was based on a unique concept that basically brought mini-musicals to our screens every week. It also dealt with serious issues that teenagers face such as bullying and portrays American high school from the point of view of the ‘losers’, rather than the popular so many people could relate to much of the drama. The cast members are all great singers and dancers and for the most part they’ve done great covers of some of my favourite songs. There was a lot of drama in the lead up to season 3 regarding which characters were staying for season 4 and which weren’t and there was controversy over whether letting the lead roles go, but seriously, it’s high school, they’ve got to graduate at some point.

Season 3 returned to screens for both US and UK viewers not so long ago; however, I have to say I’m rather disappointed. There isn’t anything particularly unique about the plot line and everything seems to be pretty much the same. Mr Schuster is finally going out with Emma, but things are still not plain sailing because of Emma’s OCD, Sue’s on the warpath, the Rachel and Finn drama continues – a recurring story line from the onset – and Santana’s still struggling to come to terms with her sexuality.

Curiously, Quinn has had a huge makeover and has turned rock chick. I know things have been hard for her recently what with the adoption of her baby, but seriously? The new look just doesn’t make sense. In no time Quinn is back to being blonde and normal, at least on the outside, but on the inside, she’s still raging and has a grim determination to get her daughter back – no matter what the cost. Frankly it’s all gone a bit weird.

So far I’ve watched four episodes but I can’t seem to remember any of the numbers and I’m not entirely sure what all of the characters are up to. Shelby makes a reappearance, with Emma (Quinn and Puck’s daughter), and starts her own show choir at McKinley High to rival the new directions. The splitting of the new directions into two parts ruins their united front and shows the bitchier side to show business which is not what I thought Glee was all about.

There has always been tension within the group and competition for parts but the producers have done the worst thing possible by splitting the group as it suggests that if you don’t get what you want, the only way to solve things is to leave, instead of working things out, which does not give a very good message to the teens who watch Glee. On the plus side, though highly predictable, Blaine has joined the new directions, but he’s basically the new Mercedes and the Rachel-Mercedes power struggle has been transferred to Finn and Blaine.

As I’ve previously said, these shows need to constantly provide fresh material for their viewers otherwise we’re just going to go away and watch something else. I think Glee has lost what it stands for and is no longer the feel good show that it once was. There is so much competition in television production and there is an immense number of shows out there available for us to watch. In my opinion Glee should join the likes of Gossip Girl and 90210 and go back to the drawing board to think of some fresh content.

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