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Tv Review: Suits Season 1

Tv Review: Suits Season 1

Suits season 1 first aired a few years ago now but it has never really interested me. From afar, it looks like your pretty standard law drama but with more charming characters, but I was wrong, because it is so much more than that. Suits follows the stories of Harvey Specter, a top lawyer, and Mike Ross, his associate. Harvey works for Pearson and Hardman, a firm that only hires Harvard Law graduates, but Mike doesn’t have any degree. After stumbling into the Pearson and Hardman associate interviews, Harvey is impressed by Mike’s wit, attention to detail and impressive ability to memorise facts. Harvey decides to take Mike on, knowing that should it come out that Mike didn’t attend Harvard Law, there could be very serious consequences for them both.


You cannot help but love the characters of Suits. These characters live in a world where the ability to sweet talk your way out of sticky situations is invaluable so each and every character is witty and charming. The acting is phenomenal from both the main cast and the supporting actors. Each character has a completely different personality and when they’re all brought together, they create this phenomenal piece of television. Obviously, Harvey Specter is the most talked about and most notable character, but the other characters are just as important for making this show work. There are a lot of famous faces in this show, but they’re mixed with a lot of new faces too.

I love that before I watched Suits, I had absolutely no idea what words like pro bono and subpoena meant, but now I know a considerable amount of law vocabulary. Granted I had to google these terms as they came up, but if you’re not as curious as I am then you’ll still have no problem understanding what’s going on.

Despite the fact that the cases looked at by these lawyers are often of a very serious nature, I would say that this show is still lighthearted and funny. There is a brilliant balance between the serious and the amusing without being insensitive at all, which is impressive.

Each episode of Suits is a standalone story, but there are some threads, usually involving the characters’ personal lives, that run through all the episodes. We get a really good look at Mike’s personal life so you understand quite a bit about his character. In contrast, Harvey’s personal life is pretty elusive for the most part, keeping his character shrouded in a certain air of mystery and the combination of Mike and Harvey makes for an awesome duo. These two could definitely be the new Batman and Robin – but better. So much better. For the most part each episode is simply centered on a new law suit that needs to be looked at, but romance and friendship are also consistent themes.

Everything about this show is cool and suave. From the Harvey Specter’s suits to the opening theme song by Ima Robot, this show and these characters will charm your pants off and you’ll soon be addicted. This show really draws you in and you genuinely start rooting for the characters. I laughed out loud numerous times whilst watching this show, but I also sat back in my seat and gasped.

All in all, this show has everything. Suave characters played by brilliant characters, an engaging storyline, witty dialogue, great camerawork and a snazzy soundtrack. I really could not recommend this series any more.

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  1. Jessica S
    1st October 2013 / 8:50 PM

    I agree with all of this. While I haven't caught up on the new episodes yet, I enjoyed the show's first season. I loved learning all the law jargon, and I especially love Harvey and Donna.

  2. Ula (Blog of Erised)
    2nd October 2013 / 2:42 PM

    I was totally taken in with the series st first, and watched season one eagerly. Season two was good as well, still fun to watch. But the last one… I don't know, it's odd. I stopped watching somewhere in the middle, not sure if I'll finish it or not. Taking a break right now.

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