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The Vampire Diaries Returns To Our Screens For S3

The Vampire Diaries Returns To Our Screens For Season 3

The Vampire Diaries is one of my all time favourite series ever and is definitely my favourite show airing at the moment. Every single episode of this show has me gripping the edge of my seat and begging for more! I think what makes this show stand out for me is that there are such intense emotions between the characters and the actors and actresses are absolutely perfect in translating this to the screen. I find myself breaking down in tears every other episode – something I never, ever, ever, do whilst watching American teen dramas. Although this is about a bunch of high school kids, the characters all act incredibly mature. I guess they all had to grow up because of the supernatural storm that blew so unexpectedly into their lives. Things have progressed so much since the first episode back in 2009 and you could never have predicted half the stuff that’s gone down between then and now.


The Vampire Diaries went out with a bang last season, ending with good and moral vampire Stefan drinking bags and bags of human blood whilst his girlfriend gives his dying brother a sneaky kiss. I’ve literally been going out of my mind with frustration and impatience in the build up to season 3, but it is finally here!

This season, I expect to see the development of the vampire/werewolf sexual tension between Caroline Forbes and Tyler Lockwood (best friend of Caroline’s ex, Matt – ouch). I think that this pair are the hottest (maybe) couple on The Vampire Diaries, possibly pushing Delena/Stelena out of the top spot. Whilst Elena has two hot vampire brothers with completely different personalities both seeking her affections, Caroline’s got it going on with a werewolf – one bite, and she’s dead.

We also saw the mysterious reappearance of Vicky and Anna, both of whom are Jeremy’s ex girlfriends and both are supposed to be dead. Is Jeremy losing his mind or is something else at work here? New addition to the show, vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus, is set to play a major role in the coming series, highlighted by the fact that he’s been given his own promotional poster. This should be exciting as we haven’t seen any permanent new additions to the show so far.

I guess the question that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue is what’s going to happen to the Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle? With Elena’s love, Stefan, off ripping the heads off innocent humans and Damon, who seems to have discovered his sensitive side, left behind to look after Elena and co, one cannot help but wonder which brother Elena is going to end up with in the end. I guess we shall just have to wait and see.

I’ve always felt that a really good soundtrack adds so much to a film or television programme. Some people don’t care about soundtracks at all, I guess it depends on the type of person you are, but I’m the sort of person who finds music deeply moving (I’ve got a song for every moment in life and I really wish there was a soundtrack playing for every second I’m living!) and that’s possibly why I love this show so god-damn much. The Vampire Diaries never fails to deliver me playlist after playlist of the most heart-wrenching love songs. Every time I watch this show I have to sit there with a pen and paper so I can scribble down the lyrics before the moment’s over – it’s a real struggle when everything’s blurry because there’s some major flooding going on in your tear ducts.

Watch The Vampire Diaries online here

Soundtrack from episode one of season 3 – ‘The Birthday’:

Ron Pope: A Drop In The Ocean (MY FAVOURITE)
Two Door Cinema Club: What You Know
Andrew Belle: Make it Without You
Ingrid Michaelson: Are We There Yet?
The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
Martin Solveig – Hello
Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel
Location Location – Starpusher
The Kicks – Hawk Eyes
Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

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