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TV Feature: Teen Wolf


So, I’m a little behind on this one; Teen Wolf premiered in the US on the 5th of June and so far it has been very well received. I’ve just watched the first three episodes in succession and I literally could not stop watching because I needed to know more. Teen Wolf is basically horror meets high school. On reflection, some threads of the story bear a similar resemblance to ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but on the whole they are not too alike.There is a lot more action in Teen Wolf, and prepare to see a lot of dead bodies and blood, sometimes even parts of bodies.

Right from the onset, there is action, and the plot line is constantly changing. Once you think you’ve got a character figured out in your head, something happens to make you change your opinion of them completely. You’re kept on your toes as the plot moves quickly, which is to be expected from this short 12 episode series.

This isn’t a silly high school drama, it’s a step-up from the usual Twilight-esque television programmes and it’s for the more hardy teenagers out there looking for some (slightly) gory action. There is of course, a prominent romantic slant to the series which is an interesting development and will no doubt keep the girls entertained, whilst the frequent fight/action scenes will keep the boys watching. This is great as the majority of high school dramas are aimed at female teens, but I think this one will appeal to a wider range, including boys, and even some adults.

The story revolves around Scott McCall as he develops from the high school nobody, to star of the lacrosse team, dating one of the hottest (new) girls in school. Of course, his new found popularity is all down to the fact that one night Scott was alone in the woods and got bitten by a mysterious animal and he then began to develop a heightened sense of smell, sight and touch.

Given the title of the series I don’t think that I’ll be giving too much away by telling you that Scott, of course, becomes a werewolf. Then all hell breaks loose as he struggles to control his changes that take place whenever his heart is racing – because of anger or lust. He must fight to control these urges in order to protect his secret from everyone, but from one special girl in particular: Allison Argent.

The plot thickens as one night Scott is hunted down by a group of cross-bow yielding wolf-hunters, the leader of which happens to be Allison’s father. There is also the added complication of the other wolf in town: Derek Hale. Scott is aided by his best friend and sidekick, Stiles Stilinski, who finds out all the town goss of the latest killings by eavesdropping on his father’s (the town sheriff) conversations.

How will Scott handle threats from inside and outside the boundaries of the classroom as he is being sought after by both Jackson, Captain of the lacrosse team, and Derek, the big bad wolf (or is he?)?

The plot and characters all tie together rather nicely and I believe that every person in this series has a purpose, unlike many others when a lot of events can seem rather random. I am looking forward to watching the remaining episodes of this series and if they are as exciting as the first three I have no doubts that this will soon turn into one of the most-watched television series being aired at this time.

Look out for Teen Wolf on MTV every week on Monday evening 10/9c and it will premiere in the UK on Sky Living at 9:05p.m. on July the 7th. 

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