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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide: Best Mother's Day Ideas 2018

Does anyone else think Mother’s Day is the hardest occasion to shop for? It’s definitely the occasion I’m most afraid of. When I was younger I would present my mum with gifts like Me to You teddies, snow globes and other cute things. Every year I would either be met by a weak smile or a very frank “please don’t buy me these sorts of things”. My poor little 14 year old soul was C-R-U-S-H-E-D. Fast forward ten years and I’m still super nervous when shopping for my mum but I think that this year I’ve gathered some really great treats that mummies all around will love.

Keep scrolling for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide.

The Botanist Islay Dry Gin

After a long hard day of working and keeping the house and family in order, I’m sure your mum will be reaching for a stiff drink. Gift her this beautiful bottle of artisanal gin so she can enjoy her evenings the right way. The Botanist prides itself on creating a highly distinctive, complex, floral gin that is hand-crafted by the distiller! This is definitely no ordinary gin and this Botanist Islay Dry Gin bottle would make a lovely gift that will last a long time.

Available for £33 from The Botanist.

White Stuff Mine’s A G and Tea Mug

Gin is great, we’ve just established that. But every fun mummy needs an amazing glass to drink that gin from in the evenings, so I present to you – the G & Tea mug. Ba dum dum tss. Love a good pun. This mug is simply adorable and I love the slogan. If you know your mum is a big tea drinker but also partial to a G&T when she’s kicking back, then this will make the perfect present for Mother’s Day!

Available from White Stuff for £9.95.

12 Bar Coco Chocolate Box

Now if your mum is a cocoa lover and a G&T lover then this luxury chocolate box from Coco Chocolatier would make a great gift. This box contains twelve different colour flavours, one of them being Gin and Tonic flavoured, of course. Some of the others include: Hazelnut & Sea Salt, Artisan Roast Espresso, Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot, Date & Ginger, Orange Lemon & Geranium, Lavender, Raspberry & Vanilla Bean and even Haggis! Yes, really. My favourite was the hazelnut and sea salt – 👌🏼All in all, this box from Coco Chocolatier is the perfect treat for someone with a sweet tooth that likes to try artisanal flavours!

Available from Coco Chocolatier for £40.

Biscuiteers Mother’s Day Bouquet Luxe Biscuit Tin

If you’ve read my previous gift guides, you’ll probably have gathered that Biscuiteer Biscuit Tins are amongst my all-time most recommended gifts for any occasion. They’re great for your mum, your dad, your friends, your other half, your teachers, your bus drivers – everyone!! I was recently invited to a biscuit icing session at one of their London stores and let me tell you, it’s bloody difficult to ice biscuits this gorgeous!

What’s extra special about this box of flowery biscuits is that there’s a little sheet inside telling you all about each different flower and what it symbolises, which is a lovely touch this spring.

Get 15% off your first Biscuiteers order here!

Available from Biscuiteers for £45.

Faith Pink ‘Carly’ Block Heel Pointed shoes

This short block heel shoe from Faith is perfect for a smart casual look this Spring. The light pink colour is so gorgeous and the suedette black straps add a touch of class. This is a sleek and sophisticated shoe that your mum will love if she’s both stylish and practical.

Dune Pale Blue Loafer Shoes 

This Metal Saddle Trim Loafer Shoe from Dune is super in style right now and perfect for Spring 2018 (wherever she is). This pair of flats are super comfortable for running around in every day but also for more formal occasions. I really think this is the shoe to own this Spring as it combines style, comfort and a beautiful pale blue colour.

Available from Dune for £75.

Dune Blush Double Strap High Block Heel Sandal 

This pair of blush heels from Dune are perfect for summer parties, afternoon teas, nice dinners etc. If you’ve got a whole day of mother-daughter (or maybe mother-son!) activities planned, which would be nice to dress up for then these are the perfect shoes. The block heel and elasticated strap mean these are super comfortable and hopefully wearable for the whole day without making the balls of your feet ache.

Available from Dune for £70.

Dune Woven Circle Handle Shopper Bag

When I opened this package from Dune, my mum actually gasped and gave me a thumbs up. If that’s not a huge sign of mummy approval, I don’t know what is. You know how your mum always seems to have whatever you need in her bag? Be it tissues, paracetamol, a hair brush – she seems to have a Mary Poppins-like bag that is just endless. Well here’s a bag that is very stylish and quite deep so there’s plenty of room for your mum to stash all those essentials in this bag. It’s the perfect gift for mother’s of any age this Mother’s Day!

Available from Dune for £70.

I have picked these three products from The Hero Project with mothers specifically in mind and they all contain ingredients to help keep the skin looking bright and youthful. They all come in the most beautiful boxes and you can see from my photos that the packaging is so gorgeous, which makes them perfect for gifting this Mother’s Day:

The Hero Project Vit C-30

First up, there’s this Vitamin C Ultra Brightening Serum from The Hero Project, which helps brighten up the skin and improve the appearance of existing lines and wrinkles. Life as a mum is not easy and no matter how old your mum is I can bet she’s developed a couple of fine lines on her face that she’d probably rather ignore.

This Vit C-30 serum is specifically aimed at those who are 30 and above and can really help restore clarity and evenness to the skin. What’s more Vit C-30 has a really strong citrus smell that really helps me to wake up in the morning and I feel super refreshed.

Available from Birchbox for £24.

The Hero Project Glow Drops

The Hero Project Glow Drops smell absolutely phenomenal. I just want to slather this stuff all over my face but I also don’t want to waste a single drop of this stuff. You simply apply 2-3 precious drops to your face, neck and upper chest to give yourself a natural glow and it will restore your skin’s luminosity that tends to fade with age. If you’re after that super dewy look that everyone seems to be obsessed with today then Glow Drops are the way forward!

Available from Birchbox for £39.

The Hero Project Night Drops

Like it’s brother and sister above, The Hero Project Night Drops smell incredible. In fact, they recommend that you start your night time routine by stopping for a few seconds and just inhaling this wonderful fragrance. This product has the specific aim of reducing stress both internally and externally, which makes it a really lovely addition to any busy mum’s night time beauty routine. It’s full of amazing properties that help restore order to stressed skin and the chamomile fragrance helps you drift off to sleep.

The Hero Project Night Drops won the beauty awards in 2017 so it’s not just a pretty bottle.

Available from The Hero Project for £45.

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Pot Rouge

Bobbi Brown have recently launched their Pretty Powerful campaign in conjunction with the wonderful charity Smart Works, which aims to help women prepare for job interviews. Their work is something I feel so, so passionate about since I am currently training to be a lawyer and the corporate world is known for being dominated by men. The cult Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge has been given a makeover this year for this campaign and Bobbi Brown will be donating the full RRP of £22 (excluding VAT) to Smart Works.

This is a wonderful product which can be used threefold: on your cheeks, your lips and even your eyes! It’s one of my staple beauty products that I couldn’t be without. This the perfect gift for busy mums this year as you can gift something really useful that’ll make your mum feel special that, crucially, also gives back to women everywhere who need help getting up the career ladder. This is a win-win in my book.

Available from Bobbi Brown for £22.

Lush currently stock a wonderful Mother’s Day box full of some lovely bits and bobs but here are just 5 that I’ve tried out:

Lush Honey Bear Massage Bar

Not just a pretty face. This super cute Honey Bear Massage Bar from Lush will leave your skin feeling beary smooth. It contains both cocoa butter and shea butter for the ultimate luxurious and silky smooth skin experience. The smell of honey and dark chocolate will waft over you as you work this magic into your skin. A real treat for mothers who are in need of some self-care!

Shop Lush massage bars here.

Lush Madame President Bath Bomb

She’s Madame President of your household and it’s time you rewarded her for that! This bath bomb is perfect for mum’s this Mother’s Day and produces the most beautiful blend of blue, purple and pink in the water. This is definitely one of my favourite Lush bath bombs so far as it’s just so damn pretty! It also has a strong grapefruit scent, which is super refreshing after a long day in the oval office.

Shop Lush bath bombs here.

Lush Antiope Naked Shower Gel

Lush’s Naked Shower Gel is one of my all-time favourite products from them. It supports the concept of zero-waste, which is something I’m very conscious of, and it’s also a fantastic product range that smells amazing. I must admit I don’t like the Antiope one as much as Tender is the Night, another of their naked shower gels, but they stock a wide variety of different scents so there’ll be one for everybody. I think this one will be for fans of aromatherapy and herbal oils as it contains suma root, davana and pequi oils which help keep fatigue at bay and balance the mind.

Shop Lush shower gel here.

Lush Mother of Pearl Marbled Bubbleroon

What’s a bubbleroon you say? It’s a macaron shaped bath bomb that contains both exfoliants and shea butter for the ultimate pamper session in the hot tub. This pearly blue bubbleroon is both beautiful out of the water and in. It’ll turn your bath tub a brilliant shade of blue and you can feel your troubles float away in these blue waters and floral scents.

Shop Lush bath bombs here.

Lush Mum, Look What I Made You Bath Bomb

If you’d like to send your mum off on a tropical holiday, consider buying her this beautiful, yellow flower shaped bath bomb for just £3.95 instead! With cocoa and coconut scents this smells really sweet and produces a wonderfully bright and orange mix of colours in the water.

Shop Lush bath bombs here.

Tielle Luxury Velour Robe

Treat your mumma this Mother’s Day by bringing the spa right into her home. There are few things more relaxing then taking a long hot bath and then slipping into a nice, soft bath robe! Pair this gift with the below bath products from Lush for the ultimate pamper session at home.

NB I’m a size 10 and ordered a size M, but in retrospect I should’ve gone for S! 

Available from Tielle Love Luxury for £60.

Lavender & Mandarin Indulge Kit

This indulge kit from White Stuff is perfect if you’re out of ideas yourself and you want really simple that you’re sure your mum will like. It gets bonus point for coming in a present box already. This box of goodies are all the essentials a woman needs for a relaxing night at home: bath oils, soap, a candle and some new, cosy socks. The mandarin and lavender smells are so gorgeous and will definitely put your star mum in a pampering frame of mind.

Available from White Stuff for £25.

The Happiness Planner

I think we all know that being a mum is one of the most stressful jobs, especially if you’re running after children whilst also chasing your own life goals. The Happiness Planner is a great gift for busy mums so they can get themselves organised, do everything that needs to be done for their family, their work and still have time left for themselves.

Each day begins with a wonderful motivational quote to get you in the right mindset from the moment you wake up. You start each day by writing down what you’re looking forward to and end it by writing down what you’re grateful for and what good things happened to you. The bulk of the page is, of course, dedicated to your schedule and your to-do list but these little reminders at the beginning and end of the day can do wonders for your mental health and sense of happiness. This is the ideal gift for busy mums!

Available from Find Me a Gift for £40. 

Happiness Planner x Bobbi Brown #PrettyPowerful Planner

Mother’s Day falls not long after International Women’s Day so it seems appropriate to combine the two and gift your mother something that reminds her she’s a #PrettyPowerful, kick-ass human. As I mentioned above, Bobbi Brown have recently launched a campaign which supports Smart Works, a charity that helps women find and train for job interviews and more. As part of that campaign, they’ve teamed up with The Happiness Planner (same company as above!) to redesign their iconic planner with the empowerment of women specifically in mind.  This planner is for 100 days of empowerment so would be a particularly great gift for ladies who have a goal in mind that they may have been struggling to achieve or putting off for ages. This is a great gift to push your mum to do something for herself that she’s always wanted to do – in 100 days!

Available exclusively to Bobbi Brown Studios from the 8th March 2018.

Biscuiteers Book of Iced Gifts

As I mentioned above, I recently attended a biscuit icing event hosted by Biscuiteers where I learnt all about who these beautiful biscuits get made. They’ve just released a new book called the Biscuiteers Book of Iced Gifts so if your mum is more of a baker then this could be the perfect gift for her. There are step-by-step recipes and instructions for how to create a wide variety of beautiful shapes and flavours which will keep your mum busy all year long! Alternatively, you could purchase the book for your family and try making these biscuits yourself for Mother’s Day this weekend!

Available from Amazon for £14.99.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

If your mum is a bit of a bookworm then I can’t recommend The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society enough. This is an absolutely amazing, emotional, funny, educational book that women everywhere seem to love. The film is coming out really soon so now’s the perfect time to gift this to your mum! I’ve actually already seen the film and it’s a real tear-jerker so plan a family trip to the cinema soon.

Available from Amazon for £5.98.

So there’s my ultimate gift guide for Mother’s Day this year! Spot anything you think your mum would like? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

*This post contains PR samples but, as always, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank for supporting the brands that keep What’s Hot running! 

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