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Life Update: 6 Months of Travelling and Blogging

So my six months of freedom has finally begun and I have said goodbye to the first leg of law school! I don’t get the results until mid-July so I’ll just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed that I actually passed them and this six month break is justified.

First things first, I am now officially a full-time blogger! My aim was to use this 6 months to make some headway with my blog as well as hone my language skills and travel. So far this year, my blog has progressed more than I expected it to which is partly the reason why I’ve decided to pursue it as a full-time thing during this break before the second leg of the law conversion course.

I’ve mostly just been using the time to watch Netflix. Oops. But I have a lot of exciting content coming up that I’ve been thinking about for years but never had the time to write. I’m also hoping that my travels will provide me plenty of blog and Insta fodder as I expand the travel section of my blog.

I’ve spoken a lot about how I’m excited for my travels in the latter half of this year but until recently I hadn’t solidified any of those plans. I was umming and ahhing over a lot of things and hesitated to book any flights in case I changed my mind. I’m actually off to Spain on the 1st July, which is in 10 days, and I still haven’t booked those flights! Maybe I will after this post…

Life Update: 6 Months of Travelling and Blogging


Exams finished near the beginning of June and since then I’ve been to Sainte-Maxime in the South of France with my law school friends. I actually hadn’t been anywhere in France apart from Paris so it was great to explore some of the South Coast. The weather was beautiful and I am pleased to report that I am now slightly bronzed instead of zombie pale!

This coming weekend I’ll be off to York with Visit York for my first press trip! I’ll be taking one of my friends with me for a three-day weekend and you can read more about what I’m excited about in York here.

One of my aims for the year was to travel more in the UK and one of my blogging aims was to be invited on a press trip so I was pretty happy when an email from Visit York landed in my inbox. This trip ended up clashing with another press trip to Costa Brava, which I’m gutted to be missing out on but I’m definitely bumping this place up my bucket list too because of all the Game of Thrones locations!


On the 1st July, I will be heading off to Granada in the South of Spain. I will be doing a four-week Spanish course out there with 25 hours of lessons a week and I’m hoping to improve on my rusty GCSE Spanish from school! In my last “life update” I mentioned that I wanted to go to China to do a Chinese course. After much deliberation, I decided I’d much rather travel round China than go to a language school there so I opted for a Spanish course instead.

My main reason for doing this is because the law firm I am going to work for next year offers the opportunity to work in one of their foreign offices for six months of the two year training contract. If I wanted to go to one of the Spanish-speaking offices, it is likely that I’d need to have a pretty good level of Spanish first. I thought I’d keep my options open and try cram a little Spanish in now!


In August, I’ll probably be jetting off back to China to visit my family and travel to some cities I’ve never been before. It’s such a vast country and I’ve visited almost every two years since I was born, and yet most of it remains unknown to me. My first stop will be in Qing Dao, where my family live. It’s a coastal city in North East China and if you’ve seen “TsingTao” beer around, then that’s where it’s from!

I haven’t got an itinerary figured out yet for the rest but the Terracotta Army in Xi An and the beautiful rolling hills of Gui Lin are top of my list. I’d also like to visit Hong Kong since I’ve never been there before but have many friends who are from HK.


In September I’ll be flying off to San Francisco with two of my school friends to realise our 14 year old dreams of road tripping around California. I think this was largely inspired by American TV at the time but now that I’m older it’s less about 90210 and more about exploring places like Yosemite.

After we’ve explored San Fran, one of my friends and I are going to head south to Los Angeles to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (amongst other things).





I have been dying to visit one of the Harry Potter parks in the US ever since the first one opened and I’m so happy that I’m finally going!

Before coming home, I’ll be going back up to San Fran to visit one my friends from Oxford who will have just started his PhD at Stanford. He’s a smart cookie and I’m excited to wander around a real American college campus with him!


In October I’ll be off to Italy for 2 or 3 weeks with one of my law school friends, who is Italian, so hopefully the experience won’t be quite so touristy and I won’t get ripped off! We haven’t decided where exactly we’re going to go yet but Italy is a place I’ve wanted to return to for a long time so I’m really excited for the food, the culture and.. the food!

November – December

Things are very up in the air for November and December but I definitely want to go on a few wintery European city breaks. I’m currently thinking about Lake Bled and Copenhagen. But I’m sure at some point I’ll also find myself back in Paris – I usually do!

That’s a rough overview of my plan for the next 6 months, which should be incredibly exciting! The thing I’m most looking forward to is not having to think about studying for the next few months. More specifically, reading books for pleasure and not having to feel about not reading French literature or a some law notes.  b l i s s . 

What are your plans for the summer?

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