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Film Review: Justin Bieber Never Say Never

(I can feel the judgement in your eyes already, but I pray that you hold it off until you’ve read through my review)

Film Review: Justin Bieber Never Say NeverI’m really quite confused as to how I came to watch this movie. I mean, I was supposed to having a horror movie marathon with my friends! Anyways, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. These sort of reality, ‘My Story’, movies have never really appealed to me. They’re basically documentaries about pop-stars, which are generally found on the television where they are FREE, so why the sudden need to watch them on the big screen? And in 3D? I didn’t understand at all.

However, now that I’ve seen it I have to say my opinion of Justin Bieber has shot up immensely. I’ve neither been his biggest fan, nor a hater, I’ve enjoyed listening to his music but at times I did wonder what the fuss was about. He’s just a boy. With iconic mop-like hair. But now I realise, he’s actually a very talented boy. My jaw literally dropped when I saw some home videos of him when he could barely walk and already he had rhythm and could play the drums like a pro. He can sing, he can dance, he can act, and if he hadn’t become a superstar he probably would’ve ended up as a sporting legend! As far as I can see, there is nothing this boy can’t do. I’m quite jealous really.

This movie basically takes you through Justin’s life, from when he was born to his performance in Madison Square Gardens. It’s actually a very interesting film, it isn’t boring at all. There are some interviews with close family members, friends and people who’ve worked with him. This is the story of a young boy who got incredibly lucky when he posted a couple of videos of youtube. Although I think that there was a lot of luck involved in Justin Bieber’s big break, his immeasurable talent was also a major factor. I also got the feeling that this movie would’ve been awesome in 3-D, and I rarely get that feeling.

So obviously, I’ve learnt a lot of useless crap about Justin Bieber that I really didn’t need to know; however, it’s still interesting. For example, Justin Bieber is the result of teenage pregnancy.. weird, huh? I think that Justin understands how lucky he is and treasures it, because he’s always thinking of his fans. When he developed a sore throat on tour and consequently had to postpone a couple of his shows, all he could think about was how disappointed his fans would be. I think he’s a lovely boy, who appreciates everything that he has and you can really see a whole different side to this young celebrity in this movie as you see his working and personal relationships. Actually he doesn’t have any working relationships, they’re all personal as he knows all the people who he works with very well and they’re like his extended family. His fame hasn’t fazed him at all, he’s still a down-to-earth teenager.

So about these ‘life journey’ movies. Michael Jackson was iconic and Justin Bieber has done a hell of a job considering his age, but I draw the line at JLS. Everyone knows their story: they were on the X-Factor. I think it’s also worth adding that they didn’t win. (Okay, now it looks like I’ve got some sort of vendetta against JLS, which, by the way, I don’t). I’m just saying, JLS are getting way too cocky with all their commercialising and merchandising, it’s getting out of hand.

I understand that Justin Bieber is basically the marmite of all celebrities and many of you reading this post probably hate him. I doubt the people who hate him will change their minds about him anytime soon, but I just wanted to tell you people, that although you may think he’s a puny, teenage boy with really annoying hair, who needs a good dose of testosterone, he is talented, he is young, he is famous worldwide, so he’s got to be doing something right … right? 

For Beliebers, this is a must see, for those vaguely interested, I think you’ll enjoy this movie, and haters will probably end up watching this just for jokes. But hey, either way you’re watching it, ‘cuz there’s just something about this kid…

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  1. Aliza
    28th Jul 2011 / 10:27 PM

    You know what I find ironic, when JB says "Never say never" he is saying never…

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