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Book Review: Initiation By Imogen Rose

Book Review: Initiation By Imogen Rose

Title: Initiation (Bonfire Academy #1)
Author: Imogen Rose
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Goodreads Summary: Welcome to Bonfire Academy. Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk… but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all.

Book Review

I was completely hooked from the moment I read the very first page of Initiation. This is such a compelling and interesting read that it was simply impossible to put down once I’d started.

The story took me by surprise for a number of reasons. Firstly there are many more paranormal creatures than I imagined with faeries, shifters, demons, vampires, wanderers and witches. Secondly, the characters are all completely unpredictable. The academy’s second golden rule is: ‘Trust no one‘. Thirdly, the action starts pretty much from the beginning and continued all the way through. Some pretty gruesome things happened along the way which I was not expecting at all, but I like it when a book surprises me.

I loved how this was a really easy book to read. The words simply flowed off the page and it required very little effort to read this book. It’s the sort of book that you fly through in a few hours without even realising that any time has passed at all. Some parts of the story weren’t properly developed and I thought they were a little rushed but for the most part, this was a well structured and well written book with a really interesting plot line.

The chemistry between the characters is great and that really helped to cement this story. The majority of the characters are new to each other so they all had a certain air of mystery about them as we don’t have any prior knowledge of any of them. My favourite character was Jagger because he just sounds so sexy. He has a really commanding presence and I love the way he is written in the novel. I find the character of Faustine a little annoying because I found Cordelia’s love life far more interesting than Faustine’s initiation, but that’s probably just me.

One problem for me was that I liked too many of the characters. There was a sort of love square going on between Cordelia, Jagger, Quinn and Jewel and because I liked all of these characters I couldn’t decide which team I was on. Another thing that bothered me was that because I liked all of these characters, it didn’t really seem wrong to me that two of the characters were cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriend, when of course it was.

All in all, Initiation is a great paranormal book with lots of excitement and drama and I’d highly recommend it for fans of young adult paranormal romances!

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Author Bio

Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling series, Portal Chronicles, which has attained cult status within indie literature and become a favourite among teens and adults alike. An immunologist by profession, Dr. Rose published her first work of fiction in 2010. She now writes full time and is currently working on her second teen series, the Bonfire Chronicles. Imogen was born in Sweden and has lived in several places, counting London among her favourites. She moved to New Jersey in 2001. A self-confessed Hermès addict, Imogen freely admits to being obsessed with Kurt Cobain. She enjoys shopping, traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with her family, friends, and Chihuahua.

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  1. Imogen Rose
    16th August 2012 / 10:43 AM

    Laura, thanks for taking the time to read and review my book. xo

  2. Rebecca Mills
    16th August 2012 / 4:17 PM

    Beautiful cover. Wonderful review

  3. Jall93
    29th January 2013 / 4:17 AM

    I really want to read this book! 🙂

  4. Mikky Vieira
    8th February 2014 / 12:04 AM

    I've started reading this a few year ago. I stopped around 45%. Maybe I'll get back to it C:

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