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Film Review: Your Highness Is Nothing Short Of A Disaster

Film Review: Your Highness Is Nothing Short Of A Disaster

Oh dear. That’s all I can say really, oh dear. So I picked Your Highness to watch on my birthday, biggest mistake ever. From looking at the trailer, it looked pretty funny, from looking at the actors, I thought it would be good, but boy was I wrong.


Your Highness is genuinely one of the worst films I have ever seen and any laughter generated whilst watching it was from pure incredulity. At many times during the movie, I found myself thinking, is this a Lord of the Rings spoof? Because that’s what it felt like at times. The picturesque shot of three people (ahem. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli) struggling to save a loved one (Merry and Pippin), from an evil wizard (Saruman and orks).

There were times when I thought the script was even exactly the same. Other moments reminded me of a badly reenacted Eragon movie. The original Eragon movie wasn’t great, this was terrible. I was sorely disappointed, having wasted my money on buying all the tickets for myself and my friends, but at least this will go down as ‘one of those funny moments’.


I chose Your Highness for the ‘sexual banter’, but none of this did I see. Well, I did, but it was very poorly executed and wasn’t very funny at all. I genuinely thought that this movie was a spoof whilst watching it, over exaggerated blood pouring out, over exaggerated acting, try-hard jokes, but when I got home and realised it wasn’t, I was shocked. I hadn’t read any reviews of this movie prior to entering the cinema, and never again shall I make that mistake. After leaving the cinema I noticed a bus going by with a ‘Your Highness’ poster on it. It was given 5 stars by three different people, but who these three people were is a mystery as the writing was so small. I wonder why?


After acting in 127 hours and Black Swan, quite frankly I am surprised at James Franco and Natalie Portman. This isn’t stretching their acting capabilities and it would actually probably be more beneficial to their careers if they left this one off of their CVs. I hope that they can both redeem themselves in their upcoming movies, in fact, I’ve no doubt that they will.


Do not. I repeat. DO NOT watch this. It is a waste of money, Your Highness has no plot line and the acting is atrocious. Sorry to be so harsh, but it’s got to be said.

Watch Your Highness online here

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  1. Coloradocasters
    20th Apr 2011 / 1:20 PM

    Thanks for the heads up, I was nearly sucked in by the well edited promos.

  2. CrazyCris
    20th Apr 2011 / 6:20 PM

    Yikes! Thanks for the warning, this looked like it could have been a fun outing in the silly vein… :s

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