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Film Review: The Tourist Starring Depp And Jolie Flops

Film Review: The Tourist Starring Depp And Jolie Flops

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, in the same movie? Sounds like a movie well worth watching. Despite the fact that this movie was met with mostly negative reviews, I still enjoyed it. Ok, so it wasn’t as good as I expected but it wasn’t as bad as they say it is either. It’s probably the plot that lets it down, not the acting, as it is drawn out for the entire movie with the climax reached right at the very end. However, its the suspense that keeps you watching, you need to know who Pearce is. This is one of those movies that keeps an essential character hidden throughout the entire movie, with them only sending letters and messages to Frank (Depp) and Elise (Jolie), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it makes you eager and hungry to find out who this mystery man is.

I think you’d have to watch closely in order to fully understand this movie, and perhaps if you watch closely enough you’ll be able to suss out the ending, I; however, was not observant enough and so it came as a very big shock to me at the end. I won’t spoil it by telling you what the suprise is, but I’ll tell you this: The answer is right in front of you. It is so obvious, and if you don’t figure it out before the end, you’ll probably kick yourself! What annoyed me was that I felt torn between Pearce and Frank, because both seemed to be deeply in love with Elise, and vice versa. Oh, the choices. Thankfully, this was all sorted out at the end and I was fairly happy with the result.

Now thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure what the point of this movie is. It goes on a very long a drawn out route to find out who Pearce is and perhaps that is why it received such bad reviews. There isn’t a lot of substance to it, but for some reason, I still enjoyed it. I realise this is a very confusing review, but I’m very on the fence about this movie. As I sit here I’m wondering whether the shocking finale is worth sitting the through the rest of the movie for and I think I’m going to have to say: yes. It’s a unique movie, I don’t think there have been any movies like this before and it is fairly entertaining. I am going to recommend this to you, because I want to see your reactions to the ending and whether or not you saw it coming, because that really is the climax of the movie and all there is to it.

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  1. mom said ...
    27th April 2011 / 7:08 PM

    Haven't seen this movie yet. I like Johnny Depp and I like to be surprised at the end so this is going on my list to see!

  2. TracyRobin
    29th April 2011 / 5:09 PM

    I've been wanting to see this movie since it came out! Loved scrolling through your reviews. I'm following… love a visit from you as well. BBS.

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