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Film Review: Prom

 Film Review: Prom is an Unoriginal and Predictable Teen Movie

I don’t even know why I watched this movie. It looked terrible, the ratings were terrible, people told me it was terrible, but with want of something to do during my excessively long summer holiday, I sat down to watch Prom. What a waste of time. There was a part of me hoping that perhaps it wasn’t as bad as people said it was. I mean, I enjoy quite a lot of chick flicks that receive low ratings, critics are made to hate rom-coms, especially teen rom-coms, but this… I just couldn’t wait for it to end. It was possibly THE most predictable film that I’ve ever seen. Boxoffice Magazine film critic Pete Hammond gave it a positive review, calling it a “highly entertaining original movie that’s funny, touching, and real,” but I’m thinking that perhaps we were watching completely different movies because I thought it was none of those things.

Basically this is about Nova, goody-good-two-shoes, class president, and (surprisingly – for me anyways, I’m not entirely sure how things work in America) head of the prom committee too. She spends all her time making all the prop decorations and preparations but then someone accidently sets fire to the storage shed burning all the decorations to the ground. Left with a very short amount of time before prom and absolutely nothing the headmaster enlists Jesse, an almost high school drop out to help Nova. Of course, Jesse is less than pleased about this and would much rather be out and about on his motorbike rather than helping make prom decorations. Nova has a huge crush on Brandon, but of course he’s a dick who doesn’t know what he’s missing and Jesse is conveniently there to help her through it. Then yada yada yada.
I found the main character, Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden), extremely irritating and annoying with an American accent that sounded extremely fake despite the fact that she is actually American. And what sort of name is Nova? (No offence to anyone called Nova – I’m just venting.) This film just tried too hard to make it a cute rom-com and it didn’t need to! The best thing about this movie was probably Thomas McDonnell who plays Jesse Richter, the love interest. He’s hot, he’s down to earth, and he was the only character I really believed in this. But, to be honest, that’s not saying much. He was a bit of a dick at times, but he pulled through in the end, and hey, nobody’s perfect, so perhaps this was actually an accurate representation of how teenage guys act when they’re around the girl they like. He wasn’t the best actor but he played his bad boy role fairly well. The other thing I liked was Nicholas Braun. I think he’s a brilliant actor who’s really funny and should be given much more credit! He played quite an adorable character – an older brother who really looked out for his sister and he probably made me go ‘awww’ more than the actual love scenes between the protagonists.
One of the most annoying scenes in this movie is the prom dress shopping scene. It could not have been more generic. Basically it involves a lot of fast-forward screen play, lots of twirling, lots of frowning and then – Voila! A smile, and the dress is found. Of course, Jesse doesn’t mind taking her dress shopping even though they only met about a week ago. *sigh* They could’ve at least tried to make it a bit more realistic. The side plot line was probably more realistic than the actual one which was dealing with a girl trying to figure out how to break the news to her boyfriend that she’s not actually going to be going to the same uni as him the following year. This was real and genuine and the acting still wasn’t that great but at least the story was believable.
All in all I thought this movie was thoroughly unoriginal with an extremely predictable plot line and poor acting skills. Definitely not worth watching, especially since the summer’s over, it’s just all the more irritating.

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