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Film Review: Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds

Film Review: Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds

In 2010, at the Los Angeles Scream Awards, Green Lantern won the ‘Most Anticipated Movie’ award; however, I’m sorry to report that it did not live up to it’s high expectations. I have to admit I’d never actually heard of the superhero Green Lantern prior to watching the film but let’s be honest, Green Lantern is a bit of a pathetic name for a superhero. In fact it just reminded me of the ‘Dragonfly’ in the spoof movie ‘The Superhero movie’. In addition it was awfully confusing given that ‘The Green Hornet’ had recently been released as well as the titles are far to similar and the plot lines are essentially the same (as they are in every superhero movie).

I don’t think it was the acting in Green Lantern that brought it down, in fact the acting is quite good with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, and many other familiar faces. Personally, I think that there were far too many visual effects that did not enhance the action at all but made it all rather ridiculous and reminded me of ‘Son of the Mask’ which is basically about a ridiculous green dude doing stupid things.

Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, and he has ‘will-power’ which he can use to create anything he wants in order to block his opponent and the producers could’ve made this very exciting. Instead, all Hal does is create a race track, a giant fist, and some brick walls, nothing too exciting about those. It’s funny because when I look back on this movie all I can think about is the colour green. I just remember seeing flashes of green on the screen all the time and I didn’t find the fight scenes particularly exciting.

The plot was badly developed as I didn’t think that it was actually going anywhere and one hour into the movie Hal Jordan still hadn’t done anything significant as the Green Lantern. Everything started to happen at once near the ending and it was all rather rushed and not very well thought through.

The ‘bad guy’ didn’t have a prominent role in the film and therefore I didn’t feel like the Green Lantern was protecting anyone since the baddie didn’t seem to be much of a threat anyway. In my mind this is what happens in the movie: Hal fancies Carol (Blake Lively), Hal gets whisked away and becomes Green Lantern, Hal doesn’t want to be Green Lantern, Hal becomes Green Lantern, Hal ‘saves’ the planet, Hal gets the girl, Hal runs off to save the Universe. I really don’t think that there was a lot more to it than that.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend Green Lantern because the special effects are over-used and this lessens the quality of the movie, the plot is badly developed, the movie is very slow paced up until the end when everything happens at once. It is a shame because Reynolds and Lively make a good couple.

Watch Green Lantern online here

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