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Film Review: Final Destination 5

Film Review: Final Destination 5

Just about everybody knows the plot of the Final Destination movies, and that’s because they’re all the same. However, for some reason, they are still highly entertaining and widely watched as the writers introduces more and more gruesome ways in which for the characters to die. I believe the reason Final Destination movies are so terrifying is because they turn perfectly normal, day to day objects or events into murder weapons. Whilst the deaths are highly improbable, they are not impossible, and so these movies still retain a sense of realism which is what makes the audience tick.

In Final Destination 5, Death is after a group of co-workers who are saved from dying on a collapsing bridge when Sam Lawton has a premonition of the event before it happens. Of course, this group was never meant to survive and they’re about to picked off one by one, in the most unsuspecting manner, unless if they can figure out a way to save themselves and evade Death.


I recognised many of the actors cast in Final Destination 5; however, none of them were of great enough recognition for me to actually remember any of their names. Miles Fisher, who has an uncanny likeness to Tom Cruise, played his smarmy, agitated, ‘boss’ role perfectly, and I love it when characters like him get killed off because there’s a certain feel of ‘he had it coming’. The main character, Sam, is played by Nicholas D’Agosto, who encapsulates his role as someone who is perfectly sane despite what he says is insane. He has quite an innocent appearance and so you greatly sympathise with him and the troubles thrust upon him. As in all Final Destination films, many of the characters are incredibly annoying, especially as they realise that it’s every man for himself in the face of Death. It takes a certain skill to act an annoying, self absorbed, dense character without over doing it so I think the cast was made up of some pretty talented actors.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to watch Final Destination 5 in cinemas in 3D; however, it was fairly obvious to me that it would’ve looked great in cinemas as certain shots were spectacularly disgusting. I’m quite a big horror movie fan; however, some of the scenes in this movie made me flinch and squirm, so this definitely isn’t one for the squeamish or faint-hearted! I think the CGI animator deserves a round of applause for making the blood look realistic because it is so easy for horror films to turn into comedies because of poor use of CGI which ultimately results in what I like to call, the Ketchup effect.

Whilst the latest instalment of the Final Destination series is ‘number 5’, it is in fact, a prequel to the first Final Destination movie made. This was probably the best and worse part of this movie for me. I was absolutely mind blown when I found this out, firstly because it was quite surprising and there was nothing to suggest this at any point during the movie, secondly, because something about it just didn’t add up. That night, my friend and I stayed up until 3a.m. trying to figure out how on earth this could possibly be the ‘first’ Final Destination movie given that the characters seemed to have heard of events similar to theirs already. But how could this be possible if this was the ‘first’ movie?! I still haven’t figured this out. There was also an unexplained figure who frequently appeared to warn the characters of Death. His appearance and disappearance was never explained properly and his character just confused me – I still haven’t figured out who he was either.

Personally, I feel that this was the best out of the Final Destination movies. The screenplay was fantastic with realistic shots of blood flying everywhere. The ways the characters died were original and scarier than ever because prior to watching this one probably wouldn’t think these things were even dangerous.  I’d definitely recommend this if you’ve watched the others and liked them, and also if you’re a horror movie fan. You don’t need to have watched the previous movies to understand this one as they are all stand-alone films.

Warning: Prepare for what you thought was normal and safe to be destroyed.

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  1. bina
    14th Jan 2012 / 11:21 PM

    Ahhhh! This show makes my stomach hurt! Makes me not want to leave my house or my bed for anything!

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