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Film Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Film Review: The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield

Spider-Man is my all time favourite super hero and I was dismayed to find out that they were going to remaking the films without Tobey McGuire. One of my pet peeves about movies is remakes that have completely different actors, though, of course, this only applies to remakes that are made fairly shortly after the originals. I was even more annoyed to find out that Andrew Garfield had been cast to play the lead role. My opinion of him at the time was less than favourable and I saw him as a skinny, ugly, nerd from The Social Network; however, I soon came round to the idea of him playing Peter Parker. He’s grown on me immensely during the past year and now I think that he’s a great fit for the role of Spider-Man because he’s fit and nerdy, which is basically Peter Parker summed up. I got even more annoyed when I found out that Emma Stone was going to play Gwen Stacy (i.e. Mary-Jane) because in my mind no one can play the Mary-Jane character but Kirsten Dunst, but after watching the trailer I realised that the chemistry between her and Andrew Garfield was actually quite good.

As this is a Spider-Man remake, a lot of the plot lines are similar but not so similar that the film is a complete copy. The basic plot line of The Amazing Spider-Man is the same as the original but it all looks and feels different. The story starts with Peter Parker sneaking into OsCorp to find out information about his father’s research and it is there that he gets bitten by the spider that completely changes his life. He immediately begins to feel the bite’s effects with sticky fingers and incredible strength and after a fight with the school bully Peter realises he could use his new powers to help people. Peter helps his Dad’s old friend, Dr Curt Connors, to create a cure for the dying which seems, at first, to be successful; however, it has devastating side effects causing Dr Connors to turn into a mutant lizard wreaking havoc across the city.

So as I said above, I really wasn’t looking forward to a Spider-Man remake, but I have to say that I loved The Amazing Spider-Man and thought it was absolutely fantastic. I was really impressed with the visuals which were certainly a lot more impressive than they were in the original. There were better shots of the city and they managed to make Spider-Man flying through the air look even cooler than last time. There were some really cool shots of Peter Parker in action just as he was getting used to his new skills and it was just little things like that they made a big impression on my brain.

I was worried that the acting wouldn’t be up to scratch and that it would ruin the movie, but both Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are incredible actors so I had no reason for doubt. This pair had great chemistry and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop in the sequels. The supporting actors were also superb with appearances from Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Sally Field, Martin Sheen and Chris Zylka. I can’t say whether I prefer Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of Spider-Man to that of Tobey Maguire because I got quite a different feel from the two films, but they are both excellent. I think I found this new film funnier than I found the original which was an added bonus.

If I were to compare The Amazing Spider-Man with the original, I would have to say that there is less focus on Peter Parker’s initial transformation into Spider-Man and his reaction to this. This may seem a little strange but since most people have already seen the original film and know all about what the bite has done to him, I suppose it makes sense that they didn’t dwell too long on this. There was also less focus on how the public felt about Spider-Man with little on him as a new hero or the press coverage surrounding him.

I thought that some parts of the story could’ve done with a bit more development, but the film was already two hours long so I suppose they couldn’t really fit more in. The ending to the film was great as it left it on a sort of cliff-hanger with definite room for a sequel which is set to be released in May 2014. I was so happy to hear that this new series will also be a trilogy because that means more Peter Parker for us! The new trilogy will revolve around how Peter is shaped by the disappearance of his parents so there are hints of the original series in the new series.

I highly recommend The Amazing Spider-Man for all – even if you haven’t seen the original! It is a brilliant film with stunning visuals, great acting and a well written story. There are funny bits, cute bits, romantic bits, sexy bits, action bits, sad bits, exciting bits and more. Basically, this movie is awesome – go watch it.

Watch the Amazing Spider-Man online here

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