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Film Review: 21 Jump Street

Film Review: 21 Jump Street starring Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill

I haven’t written a film review in a while and for that I’m really sorry, but I plan on getting lots more done soon because there are just so many awesome movies out right now. I’ve also got lots of French film reviews lined up because I thought I’d be a bit more cultured and worldly. Now back to 21 Jump Street.

I have to admit the only reason I watched this is because my friend kept going on and on and on about how amazing it was and she just wouldn’t stop bugging me. I would’ve done anything to make her shut up, heck, I forfeited watching The Avengers for this film so I was hoping that it was going to be pretty damn good.

21 Jump Street is about two cops, Schmidt and Jenko who are desperate to get assigned to one of the cooler missions. One day, whilst prowling the park doing the very important duty of stopping children from feeding the ducks, they spot a notorious drug gang across the grass. Thinking that this could be their lucky break, Schmidt and Jenko run straight for the gang determined to bring them to justice, but things don’t go quite as planned.

Jenko (Tatum) had never been good at school and fails to recite the memorandum and so the police is forced to let the gang leader go. After this disastrous attempt at an arrest, it is decided that Schmidt and Jenko are to be reassigned to an undercover mission to find out who the dealer and supplier of a new and dangerous drug is. The catch? They have to go back to high school. Jenko was always the cool kid in high school and Schmidt was the dweeb, but ten years have passed since these two were teenagers and things are a little different now.

I thought it was a nice touch that Johnny Depp had a small part in this film given that he was the star of the 1980s-90s television series of 21 Jump Street. I had absolutely no idea that he was in this film prior to watching it and it really is a shock when he reveals himself. The rest of the actors are your typical comedy actors who are all extremely well accomplished and talented. I recognised just about every actor from either television or film, big and small time, and they were all fantastic.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were particularly impressive and really embodied their roles in 21 Jump Street. I was afraid that this movie would get a bit silly what with adults pretending to be teenagers and false identities, but it didn’t. Whilst the majority of this film is a bag of laughs, there are some more serious bits and these were also pulled off nicely by Tatum and Hill. Channing Tatum has proved himself to be a well rounded actor with his various roles in comedy, action and romance and I can’t wait for his next release, Magic Mike, which is actually based on Tatum’s life. Jonah Hill was really in his element in this film, playing the dork with no friends, except he actually does manage to get himself accepted into the ‘cool’ crowd, proving that he can also play the popular kid.

21 Jump Street is a little bit like Never Been Kissed (starring Demi Moore), except it’s funnier and it’s actually a good film (really not a big fan of Demi Moore). As I watch movies, I like to note down particularly memorable or funny quotes to share with you guys but at the end of this movie it felt like I’d written down the entire script. It was just that good. I was literally laughing non-stop from beginning to end and not just light hearted chuckling, full on laughing out loud. There are lots of twists and turns as Jenko and Schmidt get closer to finding out who the supplier of the drugs is and there’s absolutely no way that I could’ve predicted any of the finishing scenes. This is an fantastic tale of friendship and brotherhood that is abso-frickin-lutely hilarious! I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good laugh.

Watch 21 Jump Street online now.

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