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13 Books Related to the Fashion Industry

For your fix of fashion related books, look no further! Here are 13 books related to the fashion industry:

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is an exciting read with a mix of many different genres to create this fantastic story. Schuyler Van Alen believed that she was just a normal teenager but Schulyer didn’t want to enter the private school world, with all of the high fashion when she would rather wear her “unfashionable” clothes. When a murder takes place and a popular guy starts to notice her, Schuyler knows that something strange going on, and it’s up to her to crack all of the society’s secrets and to keep herself out of danger while doing it. This book is ideal for those who love mystery, romance, fashion and the supernatural. Think gossip girl, but with more drama and vampire added in.
Atom, £6.99


The Thoughtful Dresser

Just reading this book once can change your entire perspective on fashion. If you’re one of those people who think that fashion is for the vain and superficial then read this inspiring story that will no doubt convince you otherwise. The author, Linda Grant, set out to explore the importance of fashion and why thinking about how we dress is not a waste of time. The Thoughtful Dresser mixes both fashion and history and tells us how a woman’s hat saved her life in Nazi Germany. Clothes are not an option in our society, so should those who love shopping be deemed as weak-minded? I recommend this to everyone, if you’ve ever felt guilty about caring about clothes, Catherine Hill’s story will put your mind at ease, and those who are sceptical about the importance of fashion should gain greater understanding of how significant the clothes we wear really are.
Virago Press Ltd. £11.99

Fashion Babylon

Similar to the Devil Wears Prada this book gives us an insight into the fashion industry behind the scenes and how much effort goes into creating a new line for a show. The main character, a designer who goes from hot to not in just one season is amusing and loveable. Anyone who is considering working in the fashion industry should read this as it shows us the hardships that you have to face to make your way to the top. Reading ‘Fashion Babylon’ is a great way to find out about how things work in the fashion industry as instead of straight up facts, it is written as a witty story. This is perfect for those who are passionate about fashion, and for those who aren’t, it’s still a great story!
Corgi, £6.99

Harpers Bazaar Great Style

This book provides expert advice on any fashion query you could possibly have from basic outfits to what accessories to wear with them. The advice given is simple and easy to follow making this a convenient little guide to dressing your best. ‘Great Style’ covers all aspects of fashion: every occasion, every style and every age. There are also many pictures of some of the most famous celebrities wearing the classic styles recommended and alongside these are ideas on how to dress yourself just like them. This book would be just as useful for those who aren’t interested in fashion as much as for those who are because there are times when everybody needs help choosing what to wear.
Aurum Press Ltd. £10.99

Jemma Kidd Make-up Masterclass

This book is amazing. It covers literally every make-up technique known to man and gives great beauty tips. It’s full of fabulous looks that are perfect for everyone to try, no matter how old you are. It covers everything you need to know so that your make up compliments your skin type, your age and even the season. It’s very easy to follow with clear and simple instructions. It has many examples on how to wear make-up to suit your face shape and eye shape making it quite personalised. ‘Make-up Masterclass’ has a different look for every occasion so if you’re one of those people who’s always stuck on what make-up to wear, this book is for you.
                                                             Aurum Press Ltd. £22.50

What Would Audrey Do?

If you, like Blair Waldorf, idolise Audrey Hepburn, then get your hands on this book! She may have seemed like a woman who had everything she could ever need, but off-screen Audrey faced many challenges and worked very hard to be the much-loved celebrity she was. This book contains advice on how to approach life with Audrey’s grace and style as well as information on the hardships that marked hers. Learn everything from how to apply Audrey’s style choices to the twenty-first century to dating and romance advice from the woman who dated John F Kennedy and William Holden. Every single situation that you could possibly encounter during your life time has been discussed in ‘What Would Audrey Do?’
                                                              Aurum Press Ltd. £12.99

Eco Fashion

Eco fashion is often associated with hippies and their baggy clothes, which are ethnic, but certainly not fashionable; however, this book explores how even some of the best designers are turning ‘eco’ with their approach to fashion. ‘Eco Fashion’ addresses many issues that are prominent in today’s society and what with the recession causing rising prices, there has never been a better time to recycle, re-use and re-design. Sustainable fashion is being pushed into the spotlight as many designers are being questioned about the manufacturing of their clothes. Eco fashion is set to become even more prominent in the future so get a heads up and read this book first.
Laurence King, £22.50

DIY Fashion: Customize and Personalise

With this great book full of tips on how to customize your own clothes you’ll never be caught wearing the same outfit twice! What’s great about this book is that it is suitable for everyone; you don’t need to have any experience with clothes making to be able to follow the simple yet clear guide to personalising. If you’re a bit short on cash, why not simply revamp last season’s clothes? This book is full of great ideas and the good thing is you can adapt them to suit your own style.
Laurence King, £14.95

Vogue Fashion

This book is a must have for anyone who’s interested in fashion. Not only does it feature the hugely influential stars of the fashion world but also the lesser known contributors. Every single designer who has ever done anything worth remembering has been written about in Vogue Fashion. The book also shows the progression of fashion over the past century and it is interesting to see how styles have changed. I strongly recommend this book to any fashionistas as it will give you all the background knowledge that you would ever need before working in the industry yourself.
Carlton Books Ltd. £20

Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion explores the key trends from decade to decade. There is just the right balance between pictures and information from each era to teach you about the key elements at that time. It also provides information about the most influential designers of fashion. The quality of the print and photographs is also outstanding. This book will appeal to photographers as well as followers of fashion as the pictures within are some of fashion’s most famous photos. As many trends have been making a comeback this season there couldn’t have been a better time to buy this book! Find out where all the latest trends originated in Vintage Fashion
Carlton Books Ltd. £16.99

                        1001 Little Beauty Miracles

This is one of those rare occasions where you find a book that actually has useful advice in it. Many fascinating and unusual tips are revealed and they genuinely work! This is perfect for those who are always looking for the best way to look beautiful. This could be described as a beauty bible and those who are strict to their beauty regimes will no doubt religiously follow all the advice given in ‘1001 Little Beauty Miracles’. You’ll never have to hurriedly flick your way through a magazine to find out new ways of forever looking healthy, instead just refer to this book. You won’t even need to buy any fancy or expensive products as everything in this book is simple and easy to do yourself.
Carlton Books Ltd. £7.99

20TH Century Fashion – 100 years of Apparel Ads

TOP 13 BOOKS RELATED TO FASHIONFeaturing over 400 advertisements, ‘20th Century Fashion – 100 Years of Apparel Ads’ explores how the female figure has been constantly re-invented, from the curvy  forms created by rigid corsets, to the loose-fitting chemise dresses, to the flat-chested super-skinny size zero of the modern fashion model. Many other aspects that heavily influenced how fashion is today are also examined: the industrial age, the development of mass production, the two world wars, mass media, films magazines and the influence of celebrities. This book is perfect for those who are interested in the history of Fashion and how it has developed over the past century
TASCHEN, £27.99

Fashion from the 18th to the 20th Century

This book takes you back through three centuries of women’s clothing all the way from the long and traditional ball gowns to the short and sweet mini skirt. This book is written by The Kyoto Costume Institute which holds one of the world’s most extensive clothing collections. Showcasing highlights from the Institute’s archives, this handy pocket-sized book is not only a valuable reference and a fascinating guide but it also contains over 500 photographs of garments from the Kyoto Costume Institute’s collection.
TASCHEN, £6.99

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