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The 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford + A Map!

I spent a good part of my final year at Oxford University eating my way through Oxford restaurants. I made it my mission to try all the best places to eat in Oxford before I left and I think I did a pretty good job of covering all the restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bars in the city centre. As Oxford is a small city, there are so many amazing local restaurants, and, in terms of brunch, Oxford has much to offer.  

Something to note is that these are all independent restaurants in Oxford. There are many other very yummy brunch spots in Oxford, particularly in the new Westgate Shopping Centre, but if you’re looking for places that are unique to Oxford then you should give the brunch places on this list a go. 

I also want to start by saying that before you eat anywhere in Oxford, you should download The Dealer App. There are tonnes of offers on there for Oxford restaurants, including many of the places to eat I’ve listed below. This is in no way sponsored by The Dealer App, it’s just something I discovered during my time at university and I used to use it every time I went out for brunch. Sign up with the referral code LAURAH for a bonus 10 points when signing up. 

Keep on reading to find out where to find the best brunch in Oxford! 

Rickety Press - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

The Rickety Press

The Rickety Press is always top of my list when people ask me where to eat in Oxford. For brunch they offer avocado on toast, eggs benedict, a full English, a veggie Full English, breakfast buns and waffles! My personal recommendations are the “Might Veggie”, “Eggs Benny” or “Chicken n Waffles”. This isn’t the sort of joint where you’ll want to order a basic avocado on toast as there are so many other amazing options on the menu and you can get this elsewhere in Oxford.

Make you sure come back for lunch or dinner too as the burgers and pizzas here are the best in Oxford. Did I mention this is my favourite restaurant in Oxford?

67 Cranham Street
Oxford OX2 6DE

The Handle Bar Cafe & Kitchen

The Handle Bar Cafe is a cafe above a bike shop with beautiful airy interiors. Their amazing avocado on toast costs £8 but using the 50% off breakfast code, which is available via The Dealer App Mondays through to Thursdays, that’s just £4!! There are all the standard brunch options here including a full English (and veggie option), pancakes and porridge but I get the avocado on toast every time. It’s my favourite in Oxford! The bitterness of the feta and the spiciness of the paprika make this a smashing avo on toast (I love puns sorry!) 

28-32 St Michael’s Street
Oxford OX1 2EB

The Missing Bean - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

The Missing Bean

Visit the Missing Bean for breakfast or brunch if you’re in the mood for something low key and simple. You can order the avocado on toast or a bagel and jam and follow up with some pastries or cakes to share. To be honest, the Missing Bean is more of a cafe and breakfast spot than a brunch spot but you need to stop by here for the coffee and drinks, which often have people queuing outside! Make sure to get here early to avoid said queues and to get one of the coveted window seats.

14 Turl Street
Oxford OX1 3DQ

George Street Social

I have a particular soft spot for George Street Social because of the magical literary steps leading up to the first floor. Each and every step is designed to look like the spine of a book, but with an alcoholic twist. Ever read Gin Eyre? Or Tequila Mockingbird? It’s not just the pretty decor that keeps people coming back here though and I would rank George Street Social as another of the best restaurants in Oxford for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

For brunch, I’d recommend the shakshuka. There’s a veggie option with feta cheese or a meat option with n’duja sausage and both of them are uh-mazing. I get it every time I’m here for brunch. If you’re in the mood for something sweet you can treat yourself to French toast or pancakes, which are also great. But get the shakshuka. 

There’s also a 10% student discount here so it’s perfect for Oxford University students.

34 New Inn Hall Street
Oxford OX1 2DH

Cafe Coco

Cafe Coco offers some healthy respite from some of the heavier brunch options on here. They serve up a tasty superfood porridge as well as muesli, fruit and omelettes. If that’s not your thing though, they have all your favourite classics too. Full English, beans on toast, eggy bread – it’s like being back at your Nan’s house! 

For those in the mood to celebrate you can start your day with the full monty breakfast deal which will get you a Bloody Mary as well as lots of other food and drink for a very satisfying and filling brunch. 

In the warmer months they’ve got tables outside and they open the folding glass doors so there’s a breath of fresh air for those inside too. 

23 Cowley Road 
Oxford, OX4 1HP

Turl Street Kitchen - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

Turl Street Kitchen

Turl Street Kitchen (TSK) is one of the most popular Oxford restaurants amongst locals and students. It’s a wonderful space where they serve up seasonal produce and some of the best coffees in Oxford. For brunch, TSK has some very healthy options such as tomato and roasted red pepper with hummus and avocado on toast and spiced chickpeas with poached eggs. There’s also almond milk porridge and vegan granola so it’s a good spot for vegan food in Oxford too. 

16-17 Turl Street
Oxford, OX1 3DH


Gee’s is consistently named one of the top restaurants in oxford and many are drawn to it because of its amazing interior decor. This is the one you’ll want to take your parents to when they come to visit you at the weekend. It’s a little north of the city centre but it’s worth the walk for the beautiful dining room in a giant, sun-filled greenhouse.

Every weekend, they serve brunch between 10am and 11:30am. It’s a short window so you’ll have to make sure you get there on time! They’ve got some classic brunch options such as avocado on toast and eggs Benedict but also some more unique items like crashed eggs, chorizo and potatoes (my favourite!). They also serve Bloody Marys and Breakfast Martinis for the adults. 

This is definitely the fanciest restaurant on the list so save this one for a special brunch. 

61 Banbury Road 
Oxford, OX2 6PE

Natural Bread - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

Natural Bread Cafe

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – I am a pastry snob. I don’t think it’s possible to spend any significant amount of time in Paris and not become one. With that in mind, know that I am a huge fan of the freshly baked pastries available at Natural Bread every day. They’ve got croissants and pain au chocolats that everyone loves but you simply must try the pain au beurre salé (a salted butter pastry). It is one of my favourite pastries and it’s a shame it’s not served in more places. They do it best at Natural Bread though so do give it a try! 

Unfortunately the Natural Bread Cafe that was on Little Clarendon Street is now shut so you’ll have to go to the Woodstock Cafe to get your fill of fresh pastry and sourdough bread. This is quite far out of the centre of Oxford but if you’re making a day trip to Oxford, you may find it on your drive – it’s quite close to Blenheim Palace! 

30 High Street
Woodstock OX20 1TG

Vaults and Garden - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

Vaults & Garden

The Vaults and Garden Cafe has a prime spot in Oxford, sitting right opposite the iconic Radcliffe Camera. If you’re visiting in the summer months then you can eat outside with the best views of the Radcliffe Camera. Breakfast and brunch are served here from 8am – 11:30am and you can expect all the usual breakfast bits and bobs. They do offer a vegan breakfast option too so there will definitely be something for everyone. For something more unique, try the Oxford Cheese Rarebit, which is basically fancy cheese on toast! 

University Church, High Street
Oxford, OX1 4AH

Jericho Cafe - 11 Best Brunch Places in Oxford

Jericho Cafe

Jericho Cafe is often named as a favourite for brunch out of all the restaurants on Walton Street. From the outside it looks like any average cafe but people love it because it’s locally run, has lovely staff and very yummy food. You’ll find all the English breakfast options from a simple beans on toast to a full café breakfast with coffee on the side. The latter costs £8.50, which is really very reasonable for a full English and a drink, making this the best breakfast in Oxford in terms of value for money. My recommendation: get the bacon and egg waffles. I repeat, GET THE BACON AND EGG WAFFLES! 

The bread here comes from Natural Bread, the coffee comes from The Missing Bean and the cakes come from Barefoot Kitchen so you can sample some of Oxford’s very best local suppliers all in one place at Jericho Cafe. 

112 Walton Street
Oxford OX2 6AJ

The Nosebag

The Nosebag is another hidden gem in Oxford that serves up a tasty English breakfast at great value for money. It’s just £7.50 for bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, potatoes, eggs and toast! As this doesn’t include a drink the Jericho Cafe full English still comes in cheaper but The Nosebag may be more suitable for those looking for a place very close to the city centre. The ricotta and raspberry pancakes are a great option for those with a sweet tooth! 

6-8 St Michael’s Street
Oxford, OX1 2DU

Just writing this post has made me hungry to go back to Oxford so I can visit all of these places to eat again! The majority of these are restaurants in Oxford city centre though a few are a little way out so it would be handy if you have a bike if you don’t fancy a long walk. Though, there are worse things than a long walk through the beautiful Oxford University buildings. Look at the map below for a better idea of where these brunch spots in Oxford are: 

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  1. 14th November 2018 / 12:19 PM

    Ahh all of these look so lovely! Especially that place with the quirky stairs – I love the look of the decor there xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Charles
    16th November 2018 / 12:11 PM

    I’m surprised you haven’t included Silvie (Iffley Road) and Rick’s Diner (Cowley Road)! Both are excellent for brunch

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