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How I Ended Up on the Road to Becoming a Lawyer

When I tell people I’ve met via blogging that I’m going to be a lawyer they get all kinds of confused. It’s not something I talk about at all on Instagram or my blog so I can see why it might come as a surprise to some that behind the scenes I am a law student on track to becoming a corporate lawyer in 2019.

People then assume that I studied Law at Oxford University, which is definitely not the case. I studied French at Oxford (much more fulfilling), a degree that basically involves an absolute tonne of French literature with a year abroad thrown in for good measure. 

So how the heck did I end up on the road to becoming a lawyer? And where does my blogging career fit into all of this?

You can read more about my blogging story in the intro of my post about book bloggers getting paid, but parallel to that story is this one.

How I Ended Up on the Road to Becoming a Lawyer

Keeping My Blog and Studies Separate

I have always tried to keep my blog and my academic life separate because I always saw my blog as welcome relief from the stress of studying. When I was at Oxford University I didn’t want to share my studying experience in any big way and it was not until it was almost time for me to leave that I began to open up about it. 

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Then when I started law school in September 2017, I thought my experiences there would simply bore people and, again, my blog was welcome relief from my law studies, so I didn’t really share much about it.

But whilst it’s been fairly easy to mask that side of my life during my time at law school, it absolutely won’t be once I actually start work as a lawyer in 2019, so I figured it was time to share a little more of my story.

I’m definitely not one of those people who grew up knowing exactly what they wanted to do. I’ve always been torn between the creative and the academic but for a long time I thought I wanted to work in marketing or publishing or both.

Then my year abroad rolled around and I spent a year in Paris working for two digital marketing agencies. I was basically doing what I thought was my dream job but something was missing.

The Competition That Changed Everything

Then an email landed in my inbox about a new competition with a law firm. It was one of those generic recruitment roundup emails that you get when you’re at uni but it mentioned an essay competition to win a vacation scheme (i.e. a short internship) with a top law firm in London.

Usually I just ignore these emails because the question either doesn’t interest me or isn’t something I could answer. But this time I read the question and was struck with an idea!

The question was:

‘An ethical business culture can only be created with strong regulation’. Discuss with reference to one or more industry sectors of your choice.

I answered the question by talking about the industry I knew best: the world of social media.

To my amazement I was shortlisted and invited to a two day interview in London. I was then named as one of the winners of the competition!

Say whaaaaaaat.

Later that year I carried out the one week vacation scheme with that law firm and the last day involved a series of gruelling job interviews.

Everyone is interviewed by someone senior but I was interviewed by the managing partner and I was absolutely bricking it! I came away thinking that I’d absolutely fluffed it but it had been a great experience in any case.

Getting the Job Offer

But then in August, when I was on holiday in Thailand, I got a call from HR telling me that they’d like to offer me a training contract.

Say whaaaaaaat 2.0.

I accepted the job offer and went on to complete my final year at Oxford University.

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The Law Conversion Course

In order to become a lawyer, I had to complete the law conversion course so in September 2017 I began my journey towards corporate law. I’m really lucky that the firm taking me on in 2019 is fully funding my law studies.

I found the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) to be quite flexible, which allowed me to work on my blog alongside studying in a way I never could have during my undergraduate degree.

I had already been earning pocket money from my blog for a number of years but there was a marked increase in my earnings in 2017 with the rise of influencer marketing.

At the end of 2017 I made the decision to take 6 months off from studying in order to dedicate myself to my blog and do some travelling. Thankfully my law firm agreed to push back my starting date by 6 months.

That’s why when I completed the GDL in June, I set off on my travels!

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What Now?

Now, at the end of 2018, I have come to the end of my 6 month stint of full-time blogging and I must return to law school. However, I have every intention of continuing full speed ahead with my blog.

I’ll be working concurrently on my blog whilst studying the second half of the law conversion course, which I’ve been told to treat like a full-time job! We’ll see how it goes…

The Legal Practitioner’s Course (LPC) that I am about to undertake is an accelerated version, which means that I will study it from January to July with no breaks whilst lots of other students study it from September to July as you’d expect.

I’ll finish the LPC in July 2019 and then begin work for a Magic Circle law firm in August 2019.

Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!

I’ve tried to keep a story that spans three years short and sweet but I hope that gives you a better insight into what’s going on in my life behind the scenes and explains why things might be a little different on whatshotblog.com in 2019!

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