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Tv Review: Beaver Falls

Tv Review: Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls is a new comedy currently airing on E4 every Wednesday night. It’s basically about three lads who decide to go to America for the summer after they graduate from Oxford Brookes University (not to be confused with the Oxford University) because they think they’ll be ‘living the American dream’.

They have applied for jobs at Beaver Falls Summer Camp but things don’t quite go as planned when they are assigned to look after (and bunk with) the social misfits or the ‘fatties’ of the camp. All three guys have very different hopes for the summer, but all revolve around the same thing: women. Flynn, the popular one, is determined to sleep with as many women as possible, but his motives may not be what they first seem; A-rab (no, that is not his real name, yes, that is a racist joke) wants to get over the girl who broke his heart and Barry, the virgin, just wants to get within ten-feet of a girl.

Beaver Falls is a British Dramedy and by bringing three English lads to America they’ve tried to combine the typical British comedy with the typical American teen drama. For all you Brits out there, just imagine dumping the cast of the Inbetweeners in an American summer camp.

The review of Beaver Falls have been fairly mixed with some people saying that it lacks originality and just isn’t as funny as its contenders, whilst others saying that despite all of the above it still cracks a smile and is therefore worth it. I agree with the latter.

Let’s be honest. No TV show these days is completely original. Heck the season finales of Gossip Girl and 90210 were the same and the aired on the same night but no one complained too much. And anyways, what’s so bad about Inbetweeners-in-the-USA? I love the Inbetweeners. I love America. It’s a win-win for me.

Personally, I think this show is really funny. The humour is more PG than that of the Inbetweeners but there’s still a fair bit of swearing involved. There’s also a fair bit of sex but it’s not graphic at all, in fact, there are only brief screenshots to let you know that it’s going on and the rest is up to your own imagination. I think what I find interesting about this show is the attitudes of the Americans and the British towards each other.

Each character makes their attitude clear and for the most part I think they’re fairly accurate and this is quite humorous. My favourite scene is the first scene when the three boys first arrive in the USA and they’re getting through customs. This is the best representation of how Americans perceive foreigners and I thought it was hilarious. I’ve always wanted to go on ‘Camp America’ (maybe that’s why I really like this show) and even though television isn’t the best place to get an idea of what real summer camps are like, it’s a start.

I think the acting from the three main British boys is excellent and realistic. Some of the Americans are a little over the top… mainly the Camp Leader, but I guess that’s all part of the humour. You probably won’t recognise many of the actors in this, especially the British ones, as they’re quite obscure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not talented.

Flynn – charming, Scottish (little hard to understand at times) – is played by Sam Robertson (some may recognise him from Coronation Street); A-rab is played by Arsher Ali, John Dagleish plays Barry. This little group of friends just click. They make for an excellent and comic trio and their personalities perfectly compliment each others with each person bringing something different to the group.

I highly recommend this if you’re looking for a some summer humour. It’s not entirely original but I don’t think that matters, the content still makes me laugh nonetheless. Catch Beaver Falls every Wednesday at 9pm on E4. (Three episodes have already aired, and there are another three to go – it is a short first season).

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