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TV Review: Awkward Season 2 (MTV)

Tv Review: Awkward Season 2 (MTV)
WARNING! This contains spoilers about Awkward season 1, so if you haven’t seen that I suggest you read my Awkward season 1 review here.

Awkward Season 1 Recap

Jenna Hamilton, the school loser, loses her virginity at summer camp to Matty, the most popular boy in school.
Whilst she’s completely in love with him, he’s still too embarrassed to be seen with her in public, but they continue to screw around (literally) in private.
At the beginning of the season Jenna receives a mysterious ‘care-frontation’ letter telling her that she could just ‘disappear’ and no-one would notice. After Jenna has an accident, involving pills and a bathtub, everyone assumes she tried to commit suicide and she becomes the talk of the school.
No-one at school knows about Jenna and Matty, not even Matty’s best friend Jake, who starts falling for Jenna too. At the end of the season, everything’s a bit of a mess with neither Matty nor Jake knowing each other’s true feelings about Jenna and a thoroughly confused Jenna stuck deciding between two hot boys.
To make matters worse, she finds out that it was in fact her mother who sent her the ‘care-frontation’ letter that sparked all of this off.

Awkward Season 2 Review

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for Awkward to return to our screens, and now finally it has! This is definitely my most anticipated TV show of summer 2012 as season 1 was simply brilliant.

Season 2 kickstarted on Christmas Day in the Hamilton household. Jenna hasn’t really spoken to her mother since discovering that she was the mastermind behind the ‘care-frontation’ and she’s not really sure what to do about it.

She’s currently going out with Jake, though they haven’t made in internet-official and she still hasn’t got any closure from Matty. Jake is still unaware of Matty and Jenna’s past and Matty wants another chance (rhyming not intended). At a New Year’s Eve party hosted by Matty, the three of them awkwardly come together Jenna’s got a decision to make.

I thought that the first episode of Season 2 was absolutely brilliant and I’m glad that awkward hasn’t lost any of its ‘awkward’ness or hilarity since season 1. I think this season is going to be even better, if that’s possible, than the last as Jenna’s life becomes all the more complicated vis-a-vis Matty and Jake. I think this show is so brilliant because instead of the glamorised teen high school experience, this slightly more realistic portrayal of high school from the point of view of the school’s loser.

Now I’ve been Team Matty since Awkward first premiered so I wasn’t too happy to find that Jenna was still with Jake at the beginning of season 2. Matty isn’t really portrayed as the good guy and he hasn’t treated Jenna very well at all, but for some reason I just think the chemistry between Matty and Jenna is a lot stronger than that between Jenna and Jake.

I feel really bad for Jake because presumably at some point during this season he’s going to find out that his girlfriend lost his virginity to his best friend and that they’ve kept this from him for months. I don’t think that Jake and Jenna will last, at least, I hope they don’t, because I doubt he’ll forgive the two for their secrecy and Matty will probably find a way to win Jenna over as usual.

This show is definitely underrated and I think it deserves a lot more credit. If you’re thinking that Awkward can’t really be that ‘awkward’, then you’re wrong. Whilst watching this show I literally just kept saying to myself ‘ohemgee that’s so awkward’. I can’t even explain how good it is, you really have to watch this show to understand how funny it is. If you haven’t already seen season 1, then you must watch it now! The episodes are quite short, only around 25 minutes each and the season is only around 12 episodes long.

So, if you’ve been watching Awkward, are you Team Matty or Team Jake? Leave a comment below!

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