Laura Hartley.


I’m Laura, a blogger from London and recent graduate from Oxford University. I studied French at uni and ever since my year abroad in Paris, I’ve had a serious case of the travel bug. Now I love to share tips and reviews on the best reads, eats and destinations on my blog.

Things I love:

– Frozen Yoghurt
– The gym #gainzgainzgainz
– Netflix
– Bubble tea
– Reading
– Instagram
– Fluffy objects


What’s Hot was created way back in 2011 and is now a popular culture, travel & lifestyle blog. In 2015, I headed off to Paris for my year abroad. I spent the year interning for two major social media agencies, Ykone and We Are Social. I was lucky enough to get to post on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts of brands such as YSL Beauty, Essie France, Piaget, Gemey Maybelline and Paule Ka. This is where my love for blogging and social media was really born and I started to take What’s Hot seriously.

You’ll find a little bit of everything here because I like to try a little bit of everything but this is mostly a culture, travel & lifestyle blog. Expect regular book, film and TV reviews on here as well as listicles, life updates and more!