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6 Smart Home Devices You Need to Invest In Now

5 Smart Home Devices You Need to Invest In Now

Smart technology is the hot topic when it comes to redesigning or revamping interiors. Sure, it looks snazzy and will make you feel like you’re in a futuristic movie but did you know that a smart home can make a safer home too? Here are some nifty pieces of smart technology that you need to invest in ASAP to help make your life simpler and safer.

Smart Doorbell

Too many a time have I been lazing around in my dressing gown at 1pm on a weekday when the doorbell rings. My heart beat quickens. Could it be the postman? An annoying salesman? Or maybe a serial killer? I quickly weigh up these three options in my hear as I slowly creep down the stairs to the first floor landing. Once there, I hang my head down, trying to gauge from the shape through the stained glass what sort of person is standing at my door.

This happens about twice a week.

That’s why I’m keen to get my hands on a smart doorbell by Ring. This nifty doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door without having to be anywhere near the door. You could be on the other side of the world and still answer your own door! This is useful for two reasons: firstly, if you’re not at home, you can still communicate with your visitor, be it the postman or a friendly face; secondly, if you are at home but don’t recognise the face at your door, you can ignore them without revealing the fact that you are at home.

Find out more about Ring on their website here.

Smart Fridge

I spotted one of these at a John Lewis event I attended a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been obsessed with the idea of one ever since. The best thing about a smart fridge is that the inside has cameras installed so you can check the contents of your fridge when you’re out and about. The next time you’re in Tesco wondering if you need to buy some milk, simply open up an app on your phone and check the contains of your fridge!

These are also handy for organisation as the whole family can use the touchscreen to update their agendas so every body knows where every body is at all times. It’s the new way to keep track of your family’s busy lives!

Smart fridges are available from Samsung but they’ll set you back a couple thousand pounds. Hopefully with time this technology will become more mainstream and therefore cheaper. Find out more about these fridges on the John Lewis website here.

Smart Security Cameras

A smart home security camera system is pretty self-explanatory and basically means you can check your homes cameras when you’re on the go. This could be when you’re at work and an alarm goes off, or if you’re on holiday in the Bahamas and you want to double check you haven’t received any unwelcome intrusions.

Nest provides numerous systems that offer this surveillance function and it’s even clever enough to tell you the difference between a passing dog and a person talking so you can better assess the situation. Not only do they provide cameras, but also smoke and CO2 alarms which work remotely so you can instantly be alerted about any possible gas leaks and get in touch with emergency services. Nifty right?

Find out more about Nest smart devices here.

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is definitely something the environmentally conscious should look into. You’re able to see if you’ve left any lights on at home when you’re out in the evening and even control the settings so the lights turn on and certain times of the day. This way, you can make sure the lights are turned on for you just before you get home so you don’t come to a dark house.

Some smart lights can even adjust themselves to the daylight settings and so deliver an appropriate level of light for the time of day and your activity. Dim the lights for a romantic dinner at home, or turn them up bright when you’re studying.

The Phillips Hue Smart Lightbulbs cost £14.99 each and you’ll also have to purchase the relevant devices to make them all sync to your phone. Find out more here.

Smart Plugs

Worried you left your curling tongs on before you left work in the morning? If you’re using Smart plugs, such as those by WeMo, then you’ll be able to check which devices are plugged in and on via an app on your phone! You’ll never have to worry about leaving any of your devices on when you’re out of the house again which is both safer and more efficient!

Find out more about WeMo on their website here.

Smart Home Assistant

Smart home assistants are definitely the most popular and one of the most affordable pieces of smart home technology that you can currently purchase. A home assistant is super easy to install since you just plug it in, connect it to any relevant devices and off you go.

I’ve been testing out the Google Home, one of the leading smart home devices, for the past month and have had a lot of fun “speaking” to Google. Whilst asking Google how it’s day is going or where the nearest pasta restaurant is are two rather amusing things to do, a Google Home can also help make your home significantly safer. This smart home assistant is programmed to be compatible with most other smart devices out there on the market and is therefore a great way to group all the above technologies together.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the above devices then I’d suggest investing in a Google Home first. The Google Home can connect all of the above devices so you can control them all via voice activation, making life even simpler!

Find out more about the Google Home on their website here. Purchase a Google Home from John Lewis for £129 including a 2 year guarantee here.

So there you have it – 6 pieces of new smart home technology that you should be investing in ASAP! Not only do these provide a safer home, but they make home life a lot more convenient, and most of these devices help reduce your environmental impact, which in turns saves money for you. Win, win, win, win!

If you’re not sure that smart home technology is for you or that it seems a little unnecessary right now, think about possible getting some of these devices for the elderly family members in your life. This makes life easier for them and for you so you can both have peace of mind if there’s no one available to take care of them one day.

If you’re wondering what smart home technology should you install, head to the websites referenced above for more info and details about pricing.

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*A Google Home device was gifted to me for the purposes of an honest review. This post also contains some affiliate links. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own. 

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