10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for guys is hard. Especially for an occasion like Valentine’s Day which is hugely targeted at women. Shops are pulling out all the stops trying to get men to buy roses, chocolates, champagne and jewellery for the ladies, but what should you get the man in your life? People seem to have forgotten that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance, not a celebration of women. Here’s a variety of gifts for him that won’t break the bank and should cater for the quirks of a variety of men. Think elegant, think cute, think novelty, think beauty queen king (come on, we all know one).

Here are my Valentine’s Day gifts for him:

Gold Aftershave Splash

Gold Aftershave is a new brand to me but having read lots of good reviews of it online and seen the very reasonably price tag, it seemed like a good pick this Valentine’s Day. This aftershave has a fresh and masculine citrus scent with notes of basil, lavender and geranium. This Yardley fragrance has been around for a long time though is a little difficult to get hold of in stores now. Luckily it’s readily available online for any new or existing fans! This is also super convenient for people who don’t want to brave the shops on the 13th of Feb.

Available from Amazon for £8.42

Lush “With Love” Gift Box

These Lush boxes might look girly but I know plenty of guys who loves Lush products. Plus, the advert on their website for Tender is the Night Naked Shower cream (found in this box) features a very naked guy scrubbing himself clean so if you want your man to look like a Lush model then you’ll just have to get him this.

Seriously though this stuff smells amazing plus, in keeping with Lush’s company ethos, it’s zero waste shower gel! Am very much in support of this!

Shop Lush gift boxes here.

Bandito Face Masks

I’ve been trying to persuade my boyfriend to try a face mask for years but he’s always resisted. But no more! Bandito sells a range of face masks for men so you can get your his and hers sets out and have a pamper evening for two. These masks were developed in Korea, aka the land of all great beauty products (check out my haul from Korea here!), so you know these are going to be great for the skin.

There are three different types to choose from: sheet masks, cream masks and mud masks. They’re all formulated with some of the best skincare ingredients such as green tea extract, kale, charcoal, tea tree, vitamin E and more. Make Valentine’s Day an occasion for men to feel pampered too!

Available from ASOS for £3.99.

Star Wars Itty Bittys

When I opened the package up with these guys inside I literally squealed from excitement – aren’t they just the cutest?! I’ve always liked Star Wars but wasn’t a super fan until the release of the latest film. Guess these guys came at the perfect time. I am a big fan of all things fluffy and have gifted my boyfriend many a furry friend so these two guys will be added to his collection within ten days. It’s the perfect balance between cute and nerdy and I think any Star Wars fan will immediately fall in love with this tiny, fluffy Chewie.

Hallmark Star Wars Darth Vader Itty Bitty £6.95

Hallmark Star Wars Chewbacca Itty Bitty £6

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Wax Seal

Is there anything more romantic than a hand written love note? Maybe this novelty Harry Potter wax seal set will inspire your man to write you some just so he can have fun with this wax seal! Alternatively he can imagine himself in whichever fantasy drama is his favourite and pretend to send letters of strategy to his allies. Whatever floats your boat.

It takes a bit of practice to get the perfect seal but it’s something a little different that will keep you entertained a little while until the novelty wears off! It’s a more unique Valentine’s Day gift for him and perfect for the Potter fan in your life.

Available from EMP for £29.99

Personalised Pocket Watch

I’m a big fan of personalised gifts, especially for an occasion like Valentine’s Day but it can often be really hard to find suitable gifts that aren’t just cheesy. A personalised pocket watch isn’t something every man will be able to wear or use a lot but it’s certainly something he’ll treasure forever.

This rose gold one I selected opens up on both sides so you can see the mechanism inside the watch. If it wasn’t so brand-spanking new and shiny you could totally be fooled into thinking this is an old-fashioned pocket watch!

The best part is that you can get a special message engraved onto the back. There are lots of different options for this with several different font available. You can choose to write up to four lines of text which is much more generous than a lot of other watch engraving services. What’s more is that there is free delivery on this item, or if you’re ordering at the last minute, you can get Next Day delivery for £5! This is highly unusual for personalised items and a great relief those among you who aren’t so organised I’m sure.

All in all, pocket watch is stunning and the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him this year. It’s definitely the present I’m most excited to give this year!

Find more personalised valentine’s day gifts here.

Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum

If your man enjoys an evening tipple now and then then this premium black barrel rum could make the perfect gift for him. Rum makes a good pairing with foods like dark chocolate and fried chicken, well known man-pleasers so this should be well received. If he’s not impressed though it’ll make a great marinade so all is not lost – it’s also vegan friendly!!

Available from leading supermarkets for £29.99.

Slaters Pink Shirt

This lovely light pink, textured shirt from Slaters is the perfect shade for Valentine’s Day this year. If you’ve got romantic evening plans then it’s a great time to gift this as your S/O can show his appreciation by wearing it straight away! I feel like not enough guys are comfortable wearing pink shirts but my personal opinion is that pastel pink, white, purple or green shirts look much better than either white or black and still suit every type of man.

Shop more shirts on Slaters here.

Dobell 100% Wool Navy Suit

If you read my Christmas Gift Guides, you’ll know I included a funky checked Dobell suit for men in that. My boyfriend loved it so I jumped at the chance to get another Dobell suit for him. This time I selected a nice navy suit that should suit any guy and a suit always makes for a useful and sexy gift.

The quality of this one is even better than the first I got for him as it’s 100% wool so the material is a lot thicker and stronger. The price/quality ratio at Dobell has always impressed me and this full suit will only set you back £139.99, which, as work suits go, seems reasonable.

The navy colour of this suit makes it extremely versatile and perfect for everyday work or a more formal event. What’s more the inner lining is a stunning light blue colour with some swirling patterns on it for some extra pizzazz!

Explore Dobell’s range of suits here.

Avail London Burgundy Tie

I would suggest the above tie and shirt are not gifted at the same time lest your man think it might be a good idea to wear them together. (Big no no). Nevertheless, this red tie is the sort of thing that could make your S/O stand out just that little more and this deep red is the perfect colour to gift him this Valentine’s Day.

Available from Avail London for £9.99.

10 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Boyfriends, Husbands & Partners

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