7 Reasons You Should Always Carry a Book with You

7 Reasons You Should Always Carry a Book with You

From a very young age, I have refused to go anywhere without a book. It causes my mum no end of annoyance (you’d think she’d encourage it) but she gets incredibly frustrated when I go out, for even the shortest excursions, with a large book in my bag. I’m a big fan of small cross body bags and the like but unfortunately since they’re far too small to fit a proper book in them, I never use them. Another dream of mine has been to own that classic Chanel bag but the question at the forefront of my mind has always been – will I be able to fit a book in it? Like hell I’m going to pay an arm/a leg/my entire body and soul for a bag that won’t be able to fit a book in it. So here are 7 reasons you should always carry a book with you! 

You might actually read it

This is for all the people that tell me they don’t have time to read. You might not be able to find an hour every day to read, this just isn’t possible for people with busy lives and other priorities. But there’ll be a moment when you’re sitting on the bus, you’re waiting for a friend, you’re picking your kids up from school, you’re waiting to see the dentist – all of these are prime opportunities to sneak a few pages of reading in. Here are some more tips to help you read more.

Your book will never run out of battery

How many times have you been sat on a long bus ride home when your phone suddenly runs out of battery? Typical. Now what are you supposed to do for 45 minutes? Well, if you have a book on you, you’ve got a great way to fill the time. You can easily dip into another world and you’ll soon forget your miserable bus journey. What’s more, the time will pass a lot quicker than it would if you spent the time scrolling through your instagram feed for the eleventh time that day.

People are always late

I absolutely hate wasting time and there is nothing more frustrating than people turning up late without a decent excuse. Don’t get me wrong – I do this sometimes too, we’re all human after all. However, I always aim to arrive a little early, which isn’t a problem so long as I have a good book with me. Time spent reading is never time wasted after all.

7 Reasons You Should Always Carry a Book with You

People will think you’re intelligent

When I see someone reading on the tube, they go up by about 200% in my estimations. It doesn’t matter what they’re reading, I am just happy that more people are reading. I immediately think that they must be a person I’d be capable of holding a conversation with about something other than British weather.

Anyone carrying a book also appears to me as someone with a curious mind who is open to learning more about the world and thus I assume they have some level of intelligence. In every book there is an opportunity to learn more about language, culture, concepts, people, feelings and more.

You’ll actually become more intelligent

Further to my point above, you will actually become more intelligent. Obviously if you’re reading and absorbing non-fiction or textbooks, you’ll learn new things. However, fiction can be very educational too. You might learn more about different cultures, relationships, the human condition and more. Even when I’m reading passages from children’s books as part of my tutoring, I pick up new, obscure vocabulary.

In fact, people who read more are more intelligent across the board. Yes, really. It doesn’t matter what you read, so long as you read. There are many studies that show that those who read are naturally more intelligent in all areas, even those not related to whatever topic you’ve been reading about. If that isn’t an amazing reason to read more and always carry a book with you, I don’t know what is.

I remember coming across this fact back in 2013 when I was about to sit my A Levels and using this as an excuse to my mum when I was found reading general fiction and not doing my homework. My results turned out ok so I’m going to take that as proof that this is true because I also read the most books I’ve ever read in one year back then. You can read a little more about the connection between reading and intelligence here.

It’s a great way to avoid people

A great way to avoid people is simply to stick your head in a book. If you’re carrying a book, you can get lost in another universe and hide from the public at large at the same time – win, win. Plus, if the book is good enough, it should make you forget all about your surroundings and you can imagine yourself someplace else for a brief moment.

Another bonus: 

Unfortunately with the world being the way it is, I have been encouraged to always read and have earphones in (even though they’re not playing any music), in order to avoid unwanted approaches on public transport. It gives you a perfectly legitimate reason to ignore people and there’s no need to be awkward. Just keep your eyes trained down on your book and pretend you can’t hear anything.

It’s also a great conversation starter

Converse to the point above, carrying a book with you can also be a great conversation starter for times when you do feel like socialising. If I’m meeting up with someone and they’ve got a book in their hand, I’ll always ask them what they’re reading and whether it’s worth picking up. I would never do this myself, but I have often been asked about the books I am reading on the tube by whomever is sitting opposite me and I’m quite happy to share my opinions with other curious readers.

Plus, haven’t you always dreamed of being approached by a really hot guy with similar reading tastes and then you go on a date and fall in love and get married and have babies and –sorry. Ignore my word vomit.

But in all seriousness it can be a great way to get talking to someone and maybe even make a friend!

So there you have it – 7 reasons you should always carry a book with you!

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