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It was only about half way through my trip to Japan that I realised I was basically haemorrhaging my life savings on food and random (but adorable) crap. Japan is an incredibly expensive country in terms of food, goods, accommodation – basically everything. I even saw a “luxury” melon being sold for around £100. For reals.

So without further ado, here’s my stationery, make up & cute stuff haul from China, Japan & Korea.




I am a self-confessed stationery addict so I knew a visit to Asia i.e. the continent of cute stationery, would leave a dent in my wallet. I actually tend not to do hauls on my blog because I’m afraid it would quickly become nothing more than a book or stationery haul blog! Believe it or not, this is me being (half) restrained and given a few more days I could’ve accumulated a lot more. Here’s my complete Japanese stationery haul:

6 Month Study Planner
Cats Plain Notebook
Polar Bear Plain Notebook
The Body Book

Completely ignoring the fact that I have a whole drawer of unused notebooks and planners at home, I went ahead and bought four more. There’s just something about Asian notebooks that are just… better? Maybe it’s because Asians are known for being extra studious they have to pick themselves up with cute stationery. Seems legit to me. The Body Book was an impulse buy when I was feeling bad about all the crap I had been munching on during my travels and I was motivated to get my fitness and diet back on track upon my return. Whether this calorie counting book gets put to good use remains to be seen…

Sushi Stickers
Bullet Journal Stickers
Totoro Stickers
Washi Tape x 4
Champagne Glass Stamp
Panda “Ok!” Stamp

My friend gifted me three moleskin notebooks to use as bullet journals for my travels this summer so these are all the bits and bobs I convinced myself to buy in order to make the most aesthetically pleasing travel bujo ever. So basically, I have my friend to blame for this little cluster of cute stationery.

Cactus Post-it Notes
Erasable Pastel Highlighters
Cute Animal Pens x 4
Coloured Fine Liners x 4

I’m heading back to uni at the beginning of October so these items of cute stationery are actually student essentials. Sort of. Pastel highlighters were one of the few joys in my life during finals this summer so I’m pretty stoked about these upgraded erasable pastel highlighters. (Yes, I am that easy to please).


Make Up

Pikachu Face Mask
Blueberry Face Mask
Green Tea Cleanser

Korean make up is really trendy now and basically every other store in Korea sells beauty products. I wanted to try everything but stuck to a couple of basic things that I thought they would do much better/I wouldn’t be able to get hold of in England.

There is basically Pokemon everything in Japan and Korea, hence the Pokemon face masks. Weirdly I think there may have been more Pokemon related products in Korea though where I discovered a whole Pokemon make-up line! These face masks were actually freebies because I spent so much money on other make up and I can’t wait to try out the Pikachu mask, which I’d been eyeing up anyway.

Snake Venom Face Mask
Snail Face Mask

A slightly weird one, but the shop assistant insisted that these are amazing. The former are made from some sort of synthetic snake venom but the latter actually contain snail mucin (gross). These sheet masks are supposed to be super hydrating and improve the elasticity of your skin. I bought these for my mum but I’m sure I’ll steal a couple back myself…

Blackhead Clearing Stick
Chin Pore Strips
Nose Pore Strips

Ok, I’ll admit it. I was totally sucked into buying this blackhead clearing stick because of the packaging. I mean, it’s shaped like a tiny octopus, how could I not?! I have yet to test whether this actually works but I am slightly obsessed with ridding my pores of blackheads so fingers crossed.

Perfume Stick

I was drawn into buying this lipstick because you had the option to choose the colour of the lipstick and a case for the outside! There were loads of different cases to choose from but in the end I opted for a mint green one with a dark nude lipstick on the inside. It even smells fruity (not like those lip balms we had when we were 5) and is super moisturising.


Raspberry Kit Kats
Chocolate Pocky
Panda shaped Rice Mould

Instagram prepare yourself for the most adorable little blobs of rice ever. Panda shaped rice for lunch every day from now on. Maybe. If I can be bothered. It does look a little fiddly if I’m being completely honest. Also, no trip to Japan is complete without buying some funky flavoured snacks and pocky!


Instax Mini 8+
Hello Kitty Instax Mini Film
Light Blue Instax Mini Film
Canon 50mm Lens

These are the most expensive things I bought on my travels but I have wanted an Instax mini for years now and I thought I may as well buy it in Japan where, supposedly, the quality is even better. I opted for a turquoise Instax Mini 8+ and then stocked up on a load of different film. Curiously the “8+” doesn’t seem to exist in England after much googling, nor do the colours they had in Japan, which is a shame. As for the new lens, I had been contemplating buying a new one for a while but wanted to try improve my photography with my existing one first. Then when I was shopping in duty free in Korea I saw that it was a little bit cheaper than in the UK (where it was out of stock anyway, wah) so I went ahead and bought it. The depth perception with this lens is really, really great so I’m excited to show you guys some of the new photos I’ve taken with it!



Pikachu Plushie
Pikachu Boxers

No visit to Japan is complete without a stop off at the Pokemon Centre, Tokyo. This shop was much larger than I expected and filled with loads and loads of wonderful Pokemon goodies. This tiny Pikachu plushie is unbelievably soft and I can’t get over how cute it is! The boxers are a joke present for my boyfriend because he already has a pair of embarrassingly fluorescent pink boxers from Thailand, which I HATE. Pikachu, though, I can maybe deal with.

Lee Min Ho Socks
Quotations from Chairman Mao
Fake Moschino Phone Case

So this is the weird stuff I bought… Lee Min Ho is a really famous Korean actor and I couldn’t resist buying these socks for a friend. Hope she has a good laugh 😉 The book on Chairman Mao is for my boyfriend who’s a history nerd but I’m not convinced the English translation is all that. The phone case was a gift from my cousin and it has a chain attached so you can sling it over your shoulder! Still a little worried about the phone falling out so I’m not sure how much I’ll use it but it’s the thought that counts…

Circle Bracelet
Blue Chinese Make-Up Bags
Rabbit Pocket T-Shirt

I am completely and utterly obsessed with rabbits (I even went to the rabbit cafe in Tokyo!!), so I just had to get this t-shirt and it’s now the favourite item in my wardrobe.

I spent a lot of money on my travels this summer but hey ho it’s the summer after graduating so if there’s ever a time to go all out – it’s now! Shop now, think later…right? I can’t believe I’ve just written over 1000 words on all the cute Japanese stationery and Korean make up I bought in Asia but I suppose I should’ve known my first stationery haul post would be epic 🙊

Spot anything you’d like to get your hands on?

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