A Weekend In Stow with Sheep on Sheep Street

A Weekend In Stow with Sheep on Sheep Street

After a long summer holiday away in Asia with my family and friends, I was keen to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. With little time or money to go abroad again, I started looking at suitably quaint mini break destinations in England. I’ve lived in this country for all 22 years of my life but I’ve barely travelled in England! I picked The Sheep on Sheep Street because it looked like the decor had both that traditional English country feel but also stylish modern designs. I loved that they used Penguin book cover posters as decoration on the walls and books too. Seemed like my kind of place from the get go!

We were greeted on arrival by the manager, Tom, who was super friendly and kindly showed us to our room. There are 22 rooms at The Sheep on Sheep Street and we were lucky enough to get this double room at the top with authentic open brick walls and wooden beams. I was really impressed by the room which looked more like a dreamy John Lewis furniture showroom than a hotel room! #bedroomgoals

As you can see from all the photos, the decor at The Sheep on Sheep Street is incredibly stylish and mixes old and new. What drew me to this hotel in the first place is that they often use books and bookish posters as decoration! In the reception, the lounge and the restaurant, there are many many books on the walls and there are these gorgeous Penguin Classics posters all over the place!

I have to admit though that the thing that impressed me most in this room is the digital bath and shower. That’s right, a digital bath and shower. I didn’t even know these existed before coming to The Sheep on Sheep Street but now I’m wondering how I’ve ever lived without them. You simply push a button and warm water comes spouting out of the nozzle. I treated myself to a bath in their gorgeous bathroom, which was super relaxing and the sun streamed in from the rooftop window.

In the evening we headed down to the large dining area which was packed at 8pm. The Sheep on Sheep Street restaurant is open to the public as well as hotel guests and it’s clear that it’s a big hit with the locals. This doesn’t surprise me at all as the restaurant decor is very stylish and coordinated with blue grey hues that make for a relaxing atmosphere. The plush sofa seating with fluffy cushions were a nice touch too.

What surprised me most about the restaurant was the creativeness of the menu. The Sheep on Sheep Street says that it’s trying to bring a little “Soho style” to the Cotswolds and that is evident from the stylish decor to the snazzy menu. There are a lot of Asian-inspired, fusion options including maple and sesame glazed chicken wings and Thai fishcakes. For starters I went for the chicken wings whilst my boyfriend selected the salt and pepper squid. Both of these were  d e l i s h  and seemed fairly healthy too which may seem strange for two deep fried dishes but there you go! The magic of the Cotswolds…

A Weekend In Stow with Sheep on Sheep Street

For the main course, we were spoilt for choice. From seared sesame tuna tacos to wood fired aubergine parmagiano there was something for everyone’s taste palette and I was pleased to note a decent selection of vegetarian options. In the end I opted for the breast of Gressingham duck with a honey & soy glaze, baby vegetables and pak choi, whilst my boyfriend went for a classic rump steak. The duck breast was super succulent and I loved the choice of veg they paired it with. Pak choi is one of my all time favourite veggies and it goes perfectly with honey & soy sauce. Side note: whilst we were eating I noticed a girl order the Hickory Smoked Ribs which were ENORMOUS so only go for that if you’re feeling ravenous!

Even though I was feeling incredibly full by this stage (I had had a very full and late lunch too, whoops!), I just had to try their dessert menu. I opted for the pain au chocolat bread and butter pudding which was d e l i g h t f u l. I realise in the picture it may look like a mass of yellow with a ball of ice cream plonked on top so you’ll have to take my word for it. I love that they’ve taken a classic British dessert and put a French twist on it – the result was NOM and The Sheep on Sheep Street gets 11/10 for creativity.

A Weekend In Stow with Sheep on Sheep Street

After a restful night in their super large and squishy bed, we headed down for the complimentary breakfast (it’s included in the room price!). The spread was impressive including a buffet of toast, greek yoghurt, fruit, pastry and cereal. And those were just on the side! They’ve got a full breakfast/brunch menu with all the classic hot breakfast options you’d expect, but, again, with a twist. I ordered smashed avocado and poached eggs but instead of being served on a slice of bread, it was delivered to me on a bed of quinoa. Not sure you can have a more basic breakfast so props to The Sheep on Sheep Street for bringing this Insta-famous breakfast to the Cotswolds.

Last, but by no means least, the staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful and answered my every question about the area. At the end of my stay my boyfriend and I decided to walk to Bourton-on-Water, which is a good 2 to 3 hours away. At first we were just going to follow Google Maps but we asked the receptionist for her opinion on checking out and she pulled out two prepared walks that would get us to our destination giving us the pros and cons of both. It seems that the people working here a) really know their stuff and b) really love what they do, which is always nice to see.

All in all, I had a wonderful time in the Cotswolds and Stow-on-the-Wold thanks to The Sheep on Sheep Street. Stow is frequently named one of the top places to visit in the Cotswolds so if you’re looking for a breath of fresh air in the British countryside, head to Stow! The Sheep on Sheep Street will be there to welcome you, right in the centre of town. Remember, even if you’re not staying there overnight, the restaurant is still open to the public!

The Sheep
Sheep Street
GL54 1AG


01451 830344

£90-149/night inc. breakfast

*I stayed at Sheep on Sheep Street on a complimentary basis. All opinions are my own.  


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