The Best Bakery In Paris: Du Pain Et Des Idées


So I was looking back through my draft posts and can you believe I found a whopping 28 half-written, half-decent posts?! Obviously they’re all from eons ago but it would be a shame not share them with you! First up is a post about my favourite (and the best!) bakery in Paris! Keeping scrolling for yummy pics… 

The one thing I haven’t been doing enough of in Paris that I really, really should have been, is going to bakeries (or boulangeries). France is known for its cheap, but high quality, bread and wine, and whilst I’ve stuck into the latter, I’ve thoroughly neglected the former until now.


A friend told me about an amazing chocolate and pistachio pastry she’d had at Du Pain et Des Idées and whilst I wasn’t that enthused about the flavours, I figured I may as well try it out. I’m on a quest to eat my way around Paris after all! After a quick google search, I discovered that Du Pain et Des Idees is right around the corner from where I work. The best bakery in Paris was right under my nose and I had no idea!

Ever since then I’ve been going to get pastry for breakfast, in my lunch break and on my way home from work. The best bakery in Paris it most certainly is! I’m definitely getting much rounder in the lead up to my departure as I am desperately trying to eat everything I can before I am back in England/the land of mediocre food.


So back to the pastry. The first time I went to Du Pain et Des Idées I had to queue for around 5 minutes before I was served (anything worth going to in Paris will have a queue going out the door), which gave me some time to have a good look at what was on offer. I was surprised to find that there were lots of pastries I’d never even heard of before. Of course they’ve got your standard pain au chocolat and croissant au beurre but can you tell me what le chausson is?

Following my friend’s advice, I opted for one of the escargots (literally means snail but this was basically a huge pain aux raisins) but struggled to pick a flavour. There’s praline, red fruits, honey & lemon and chocolate & pistachio. In the end I went for praline and ohmygod I actually could not believe how tasty it was! It’s a perfect twist of sweet, nutty and sticky goodness. Du Pain et Des Idées was definitely worth the queue, the money (€3,10) and the effort of walking there and back in my lunch break.

Du Pain et Des Idées is often listed as one of the best bakeries in Paris and it’s not just because of their tasty pastries. What struck me when I first entered this bakery is just how pretty the decor was. Both outside and in, this is one of the prettiest boulangeries I’ve ever been in with a large mirrors on the walls and on the ceiling! It has such a grand, elegant and romantic decor, it’s hard to believe it’s a boulangerie and not mini ball room!

Another of my favourite eateries, Holybelly, is just around the corner from Du Pain et Des Idées and buys bread from this bakery for their daily breakfast and brunches. Holybelly features in most lists of the top ten brunches in Paris so you know the bread is good. Check out my review of Holybelly’s brunch here.

The Best Bakery In Paris: Du Pain Et Des Idées

Take a look at their website to discover more about the best bakery in Paris and what goodies they make!



34 Rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris

Opening Hours

6:45am – 8pm every weekday
Closed on weekends

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