The Return Of The Young Prince: Less Magic, More Realism


The Little Prince is one of the most famous stories in the world, loved by children and adults alike. Nearly one hundred years later, we now have a sequel, The Return of the Young Prince, a tribute written by A.G. Roemmers. Here, we meet the Prince again in and whilst it is obvious he has matured, he is still the same character. Always asking questions, innocent and good-natured – our Prince has not changed a great deal. The tone is not as sweet and innocent as the original but I suppose that is to be expected given that the Prince has aged a few years.

Some passages are beautifully written and capture the essence of Antoine Saint-Exupéry’s story and character perfectly. Themes still include family, friendship and love, making this the perfect story to read this Christmas, or indeed, at any time of year. As with the original, this story is full of life lessons that apply to those of all ages, despite being branded a “children’s” book. There are many passages and quotes that stick with you because of their message – simple, but often forgotten.

It must be said that there is definitely less “magic” and more realism in this sequel. The Prince is grounded to Earth and instead of recounting his stories around various strange and wonderful planets, it is about his adventures around the Earth. This makes the moral lessons of the story much clearer. For example, don’t judge a homeless person begging for money based on what he or she looks like. You don’t know their story or their circumstances, as this story shows. Examples like this are so pertinent to today’s world and an important lesson for both those young and old.

Another thing, the illustrations were much more modern and manga-like compared to the original, which I think reflects the time and it is written in and makes it clear this story is a progression from The Little Prince. I’m sure kids today will love these drawings that accompany the story, though I much preferred the original style myself.

All in all, I was pleased with The Return of the Young Prince. I’m not going to pretend it’s as good as the original, because obviously, it isn’t. How could any story be more sweet or special than that of the Little Prince? However, that’s not to say that this “sequel” isn’t also a good read. It has similar themes that have just been explored in different situations, all of which are valuable lessons for everyone. I’d still recommend this book to parents and existing fans of The Little Prince – just don’t go into this book thinking that it’s just going to give you more of the original story because you will end up disappointed.

Were you a fan of The Little Prince? Will you be picking up the sequel to read too? Let me know in the comments below!

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