Bidvine: The App That Helps You Get Things Done

Bidvine: The App That Helps You Get Things Done

You need a painter for your baby’s new room. You need a personal trainer before your sister’s wedding. You need piano lessons for first born. Whatever service you’re looking for, Bidvine can help you connect with the appropriate people to do the job.

Bidvine is a website and app that allows you to quickly search for and hire local professionals to help you accomplish your projects. They cover pretty much every type of service you could need in your every day life and there’s a huge variety of different services available: home, learning, wellness, events and more. 

So how does Bidvine work?

With Bidvine, it couldn’t be easier to find the right person for the job. All you need to do is type in the service you’re looking for and your postcode and let the offers come rolling in. Yes, it really is that simple.

I searched for a personal trainer in the Harrow area and immediately received two emails from two very different personal trainers offering me their services. Whilst one charges £20 per hour, the other charges £45, so you can see the benefits of shopping around before committing to any one person.

I was surprised at how quickly these trainers got back to me and it goes to show just how up to date and handy this website is. I know that if I’m looking for someone to do a quick job in the house, I could find someone and arrange it all very quickly with the help of Bidvine. This app will save you so much time as you don’t have to trawl through Google and compare different services yourself, Bidvine does it all for you.


If the person you’re looking to hire has been using the site for long enough, they may have already accumulated some reviews from previous clients. You can have a quick browse through these and see how many stars each trainer has been given before making your decision. You’re also provided with some contact details so you can have a chat on the phone or use their message service to discuss your project in more detail before pressing the ‘hire’ button.

Once you’ve decided to hire someone, you arrange between yourselves how the project will continue. You pay the professional directly so there’s no money exchanged via Bidvine and you can guarantee it’s not a scam. Bidvine reviews all professionals before it lets them advertise themselves on the site but you should carry out your own relevant background checks if you feel it is necessary.

How can I find out more?

Bidvine is both a website and an iPhone app. Both are just as easy and convenient to use as each other and it means that you can search and respond to messages on the go. If you’re planning a project with a quick turnaround or you’re just a super busy bee, this can be very handy. All in all, Bidvine is a really useful tool that helps you find people to help with your projects super quickly. It gives you the freedom to chat to professionals before deciding to hire them and let’s you easily compare each individual.

Check it out for yourself at

Download Bidvine from the app store here 


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