Stereotyping Young Drivers


So I started learning to drive recently and I’m trying to pass as quickly as possible, which means around three lessons a week. The closer I get to my test (and hopefully getting my licence), the more I’m worried about how I’m going to pay for car insurance (if my mum even lets me insurance myself on her car). As a twenty-one year old new driver, I just know that it’s going to be extortionate.

A friend of a friend is paying over £4000 for insurance on a new BMW. To be fair, I’m not really sure I’d want to be in a brand new BMW as a new driver. However, the fact of the matter is that he’s paying a ludicrously high amount because, I assume, the insurance provider is dubious about a young lad speeding off down the streets of London. Of course, insurance providers will pull out all sorts of statistics that prove that young people are more irresponsible drivers but it does seem a little unfair that for the mere fact of being ‘young’ we are immediately pigeonholed into a category in which it is thought that many are reckless. Surely it should all come down to character then, not age?

That’s why today I’m talking about a pet peeve of mine: stereotyping young people. Actually, just stereotyping in general. I’ve lost count of the number of times when I’ve been out with my friends and we’re all having a laugh and having a good time in public and the older people around you immediately assume that you’re delinquents or bums. I’ve often found that it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing, be it sportswear, a nice dress or something hipster, you’re still judged in these situations. These moments always make me want to roll my eyes and I want to scream ACTUALLY I GO TO UNIVERSITY AND DO PRODUCTIVE THINGS WITH MY LIFE (sometimes, ahem, Netflix)

As a blogger and keen Instagrammer, I’m often seen wandering around with my DLSR camera round my neck. The problem is I’m also half Chinese so, of course, I’ve accidentally adopted the “classic Asian tourist” look. This means people roll their eyes when they see me taking some snaps and think it’s ok to speak loudly about how annoying Chinese tourists are around me because they assume I don’t understand English. When I was in Paris, a security guard asked to search my bag in Chinese and when I replied in French that I am in fact English, he still thanked me in Chinese. Not cool.

I digress.

Young people seem to be most often stereotyped according to the way they dress. It’s the first thing that a stranger sees about you and with so many different (and very often strange) fashion trends out there, sense of style often attracts disapproving looks and immediate judgement. Some youngsters like to make a pretty wacky fashion statement and why shouldn’t they? We live in a society where people feel more open about expressing themselves and being creative, often through what they wear, but it is not always a reflection of who they are on the inside. Why is it ok to discriminate against young people simply for being young? We should be celebrating diversity and the fact that people are able to and feel comfortable being themselves today.

So, want to know what sort of driver you stereotypically are based on a few simple questions? Take the quiz by Marmalade and find out! They’ve compiled a list of questions about your hobbies and preferences and have attempted to guess what sort of driver you are from your results. Based on my results below, I’m only a so-so driver! That doesn’t bode well for my test…

Take the quiz now!

Sorry for the cliche-filled post, but I had to get it out there. What sort of driver do you think you are? Do you agree with what I’ve said above about stereotypes?

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