Foodie Must Haves Box: Perkier, Jim Jams, Yushoi & More

Foodie Must Haves Box: Perkier, Jim Jams, Yushoi & More

Over the past year I’ve become a real foodie. I thought that that was all going to come to an end after I moved back from Paris but there’s no reigning this foodie freak in. So, I couldn’t have been more excited when the opportunity to review a Foodie’s Must Have Box came up. Full of the latest foodie goodies out there, I got to try a huge range of different products from chocolate spreads to quinoa bars. Keep reading and feast your eyes!

Jim Jams is the chocolate spread that we’ve all been waiting for – one that won’t give you heart disease just from looking at the sugar content. In fact, these spreads don’t have any added sugar in them at all and there’s only 35 kcal per serving!

I was so amazed when I found this out and I ran to compare it with other spreads in my pantry – the differences were shocking. The great thing is that it tastes just as good as other similar products out there but as there’s no sugar, it’s a lot healthier for your body and your teeth.

There are a only two chocolate spreads in this range including milk chocolate and hazelnut. My favourite was the hazelnut one and it’s better, dare I say it, than a certain other very popular chocolate spread out there. Both flavours were mouth in the melt smooth, perfect on top of your toast in the morning (or afternoon, or evening) and given its low sugar content, I’d be keen to use this when baking too.

Sold in Tescos, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and more!

Being half Asian, I am used to the strange snacks produced in oriental countries so I approached Yushoi rice pea crisps with caution. They are green after all. I was intrigued by the flavours the came in, a twist on the classics you’ll already know and love: Sichuan beef, lightly salted etc.

They’re green and pea shaped but I’d still put them in crisps category. The texture is very different to normal potato crisps and yet they’re just as crunchy and flavourful. I was sent one big bag of these and several smaller snack-size packets in a variety of flavours.

My favourite turned out to sichuan beef which were fairly spicy and incredibly moreish. I munched through three packets in a row before checking the back to see just how much damage I was doing. It turns out a packet of Yushoi crisps only contain around 91 calories, which isn’t much at all as snacks go. What’s more, some of their flavours are gluten-free, which I’m sure will interest a lot of people.

Once I realised how great these green bad boys were, I quickly finished them. Finally an Asian style crisp snack that gets the balance between unique and well-loved right. Fortunately they’re sold in Tesco so I won’t be without them for long.

I got strangely excited about this package from Ross & Ross foods as I’ve just started to become more adventurous with my cooking. It also couldn’t have come at a better time because summer is in full swing and that means BBQs galore! This box contained a range of BBQ rubs, salts and oils.

The BBQ jam was my favourite as it was a new flavour to me – Habenero and Pineapple! This was a great dip for chicken in particular and it’s a sort of chutney, with a twist. But a word of caution – this jam is HOT! Definitely one that’ll leave you reaching for a glass of water.

The other three goodies made it so easy to cook up something full of flavour without much effort. I once made fried chicken at home and it tasted *alright* but there was a ludicrously high level of salt and pepper, which made it very spicy and, obviously, incredibly unhealthy. But gone are the days of over-seasoned chicken… With these Ross & Ross food products I can impress my family or dinner guests really quite easily.

This is the perfect gift for any foodie man in particular!

Over the past year or two I’ve gotten really into being fit and healthy so discovering new fitness foods and protein powders always really interests me. I’ve tried a few brands over the years but none of them have really made me want to pick them in particular over another brand – until now.

My parents are really uncomfortable with me drinking protein shakes, always saying that they’re unnatural and you never really know what’s in them. But now, with The Organic Protein Company whey powder, I can dispute their (unfounded) claims.

There’s a whole host of reasons why organic protein is better for you, not least of which being that the animals are treated with compassion and you won’t be consuming any pesticides. There are less measurable levels of heavy metals in The Organic Protein Company’s products and you cannot say the same for other non-organic protein products.

Knowing that a company does something to give back to the community or the earth makes me feel so much better about buying their products. That’s why I was so pleased to hear that for every pack of whey protein sold, one tree is planted and 25p is given to Compassion in World Farming.

But how does it taste?

My biggest problem with protein powders is that they don’t mix well with water or milk, giving them a lumpy and chalky texture. Fortunately, and surprisingly, I didn’t have this problem with this whey protein, which I found to be creamy. It tasted fine just with water after a workout, but what was great was that it made my breakfast smoothies taste so much sweeter and creamier! I might even try baking with it as I think it tastes really natural.

Hodmedods provide grains and pulses from British farmers that are more sustainable than others. They also offer some of the first British grown quinoa! This is the British pulse and quinoa taster box which usually costs £12.35 if you buy all the bits separately, but you can get this bundle for £10.95!

I’ve always been a fan of fava beans but I can’t say they’re something I pick up often, simply because they’re not obviously placed in supermarkets. The roasted fava beans were my favourite item in this bundle as they were very easy to snack on and I could convince myself that they were really healthy.

There’s also white quinoa, which I had never tried before, though it doesn’t differ much from brown quinoa to be honest. Quinoa is really easy to make, just boil it like rice, and then add it to your salad to pad it out a bit.

I have to admit I’ve never heard of carlin beans or yellow pea flour but both were very easy to incorporate into dishes I already know and love. Carlin beans are similar to chickpeas so I made a sweet potato and carlin bean curry.

This is a great box of real British food that isn’t bangers and mash or fish and chips!







Suki Teas come in the cutest little box ever, packaged so perfectly that I thought this was a subscription box or a gift set. (It turns out it was a subscription box and you can also get gift sets… Doh).

Inside the box came 4 packets of loose leaf tea in a wide variety of flavours. I got: Apple and Mint, Belfast Bree, Green Tea Seneca and White Tea Elderflower. These are all really unique infusions that I certainly hadn’t thought of before let alone tried.

I’m not the sort of person who wakes up and likes a cup of English tea or coffee so these little packets were perfect for me as they seemed like much more of a special treat and I can be sure that I’ll actually finish each bag. My favourite was definitely Apple and Mint which was the most unique combo for me and it had the sweetest taste. The white and green teas were classics with a twist and the Belfast Brew just tasted like a really good cuppa tea.

This would make a fantastic gift for a tea lover. You’ll get a box of great quality teas all put together very nicely for under £10!

Monthly subscription for £9.95.







Now these Meringues from Flower & White have to be the most gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing meringues available for the general public to buy that I have ever seen. I received three different boxes of these: a pack of eight, plain, white meringues; two large raspberry and white chocolate meringues and five baby fruit flavoured meringues. You don’t have to be a genius to guess which ones were my favourite.

The raspberry and white chocolate meringues were absolutely huge and far too big for one person in my opinion. I crushed this meringue into small pieces, stuck two scoops of vanilla ice cream on top and threw on some fresh raspberries – perfect.

Whilst you’ll often find meringues crushed into tiny pieces in an Eton Mess or some other dessert, these guys are worth displaying because they’re just so beautiful. These are perfect for a dinner party where you want to impress without doing anything complicated yourself. What’s more the expiry date on these is surprisingly long, so they’ll keep for a while!

I associate the brand Radnor Hills with water and had no idea they sold other soft drinks so you can imagine my surprise when I opened up a heavy box full of flavoured fizzy drinks. From raspberry lemonade to fiery ginger beer, they’ve got a whole range of delicious flavours, perfect for these summer days. The Heartease Farm range offer sparkling drinks that don’t taste like the other incredibly manufactured fizzy drinks. They’re made from Radnor Hills spring water and have a tangy, fruity taste. These are really refreshing and I’ll be looking out for the raspberry lemonade one in the future! (Of course, I’ve already finished them all..)

Perkier bars are one of those things that I didn’t expect to particularly like, but that I would appreciate because it’s healthy. I was immediately attracted to them because quinoa is a key ingredient (yeah, I’m basic) and I was intrigued as to how this would taste in snack form.

Perkier bars come in numerous different flavours: cashew chia & pumpkin seed, goji & cranberry, cacao & cashew and oaty cranberry and cashew sprouted bar.

These are 100% plant based so suitable for vegans, which surprised me a little. I like a lot of plant based products but I can usually tell that they are a vegan version of another snack. The texture tends to be a little different or they use dark chocolate, which I’m not a fan of. However, Perkier bars have the same sort of texture as other cereal bars, but with better flavours and healthier ingredients.

I’ve brought them all with me on my trip to Thailand and they make for excellent, filling and tasty snacks. Even my boyfriend, who made a sort of look of disgust when I offered him a quinoa bar, conceded that they’re really quite tasty.

These bars are packed with protein so they’re the perfect post-gym snack (or pre-gym if you need some energy!)

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