Film Review: Arthur starring Russel Brand

Most of the mature world looked at this movie with trepidation. Woe betide anyone that tries to remake the 1981 classic of Arthur. Add Russel Brand in and most of them are on their knees asking the Lord for forgiveness. Having never seen the original movie I experienced none of these emotions, nor understood them, but I am quite sure the hyperbolic response was completely unnecessary.

Regardless of the inappropriate things that Russel Brand does in his (not so) private life, his movies are usually at the height of sexual banter and ridicule, which makes for good entertainment. Arthur was slightly different as the banter was less sexual and instead revealed the true idiocy and naivety of Russel Brand’s character, Arthur. Many have called this movie ‘cute’, and I’d have to agree with them. As well as all the fun and games there are still moral issues being explored in Arthur, particularly marrying for money (even when the money technically already belongs to you). Russel Brand interprets the role of Arthur who has the mental age of a four year old, but a bank account of around $950 million. As the story unravels, Arthur transforms from an unruly playboy to someone who understands true love and will do anything for it.

Jennifer Garner adds to the humour at several moments, but altogether does not play a very large role in Arthur. Helen Mirren must be congratulated for her role as Arthur’s strict(ish) nanny-come-mother, yet again playing the stern old lady but with added comic value this time around. The relationship between Arthur and Hobston (Mirren) is really touching and quite heart-breaking as it draws to a close.

I highly recommend Arthur to everyone for some comic and some heartbreaking scenes. Of course Russel Brand is human marmite so if you hate him, don’t watch this movie.

Watch Arthur online here.

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