Film Review: Sucker Punch

Film Review: Sucker Punch has Women in Skimping Outfits Fighting For Feminism

I am very confused about how I feel about this movie, I don’t know if I like it or not. Underneath all the fighting, the skimpy costumes and the erotic dancers there seems to be a deep and meaningful tale of women fighting for their freedom. However, they mask this mission with ridiculous matrix/video game style fighting by young girls wearing provocative clothing which significantly degrades the girls and diminishes the whole message of the film which is to fight for your freedom and justice for women.

This movie does have twists and turns which are very unexpected but in this case I don’t think that add anything to the movie, but rather take away what little meaning this movie had as some of the twists and turns are really unbelievable and ridiculous. The story takes place in a sort of brothel where women are forced to dance and ‘entertain’ men. When a new arrival comes and decides that she is not going to wait around for a doctor to come and play around with her brain, the girls take action. This movie reminds me of the Matrix because the girls all fight in virtual world that does not exist; however, if you hurt yourself whilst in this world, you will carry the damage back with you to the real world.

I don’t think that this is a very realistic movie, and I expected more from something that had such a serious issue concealed in it’s plot. Prostitution of young girls is a very serious problem in today’s world and I don’t think that this movie evokes much sympathy for the cause. One good thing, is that this movie shows the determination of those girls, and the fact that they would risk their lives and their friend’s lives to try and escape shows just how terrible those places are.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend this movie, or watch it again. However, for boys out there who like watching meaningless movies with hot girls kicking ass in them, this is your film.

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