Film Review: The Roommate Is A Predictable, But Disturbing Thriller

Film Review: The Roommate Is A Predictable, But Disturbing Thriller

Initially I was led to believe that this was a horror movie, but it’s not. It’s a thriller, and though I’m not exactly sure what a ‘thriller’ is there were some moments in this movie that had me grimacing and gripping the edge of my seat.
Some moments were just plain creepy and weird as it follows the story of Rebecca (Meester) and Sarah (Kelly), two girls who are college roommates. Rebecca develops an obsession with Sarah and her resultant actions just freaked me out. This is obsession to the max.

There is at least one actor from each and every teen american drama in this movie, be it Gossip Girl, The OC, 90210, The Vampire Diaries etc. and I think the acting is fairly good. I think Meester tackles her role well as there are some quite dramatic scenes which she manages to pull off.
When I say that I think this movie is ‘creepy’, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the majority of thrillers weird people out. This movie plays on the fears of any new college student who fears that they get a weird roommate.
What’s more disturbing about this movie is perhaps the fact that to the outside world, and to her ‘friends’ Rebecca seems perfectly normal, even Sarah thinks she normal. Until one day, when visiting Rebecca’s parents, her mother asks Sarah if she’s taking her medication. From then the plot spirals as Rebecca gets more and more out of control, determined to harm everyone who hurts or is close to Sarah, even hurting herself in the process.
I think this movie is quite predictable, but then the outcome of most thriller/horrors with this sort of plot often are because we’ve seen them so many times. There are some minor gory moments, but you’re more likely to be freaked out by the sheer abnormality of Rebecca’s actions.

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