Film Review: The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart

Film Review: The Runaways starring Kristen Stewart

Now if I’m perfectly honest, rock bands from the 70s aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t too keen on watching this movie. I was intrigued by the fact that I had read several articles and interviews regarding the complications of filming some ‘inapproprirate’ scenes. However, much to my suprise I gained much knowledge of the music industry, the effects of teenage drug use and, of course, the formation of the iconic, first all-girl rock band, The Runaways. Apart from the fact that she never smiles, I really like Kristen Stewart. She has acted in such a huge variety of movies and she has played the part brilliantly in each. In The Runaways, Stewart plays Joan Jett, the founder of the band, or at least the concept of an all-girl rock band. It is quite inspiring how she managed to make this dream come true in a time when rock music was entirely male-dominated. Dakota Fanning does a great job of portrayed Cherie Currie and we see the transformation of a seemingly innocent girl at the beginning to a drug-addicted, teenage, rockstar who wears clothes that are far too revealing. I’d definitely recommend this to teenagers, anybody interested in the music industry and fans of rock.
Out on DVD Monday 7th January 2011.

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